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emirati sweet vermicelli and egg omelet
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Balaleet, Emirati sweet vermicelli and egg omelet

Balaleet/ Emirati sweet vermicelli and egg omelet is a very delicious sweet and savory breakfast consisting of sweetened vermicelli flavored with cardamom and saffron which is topped with savory omelette. Speaking of vermicelli here are few dishes with vermicelli: Sheer kurma Vermicelli popsicle Semiya paruppu upma recipe, Chana dal semiya upma […]

chicken tikka roll
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Chicken malai tikka roll recipe, Chicken tikka roll

Chicken malai tikka roll/ Chicken reshmi roll is a delicious roll where succulent pieces of grilled chicken is wrapped in a soft roti and served with chutney. Yes this wholesome and tummy filling rolls are great as lunch/ evening snack too whenever you have extra unsold kabab or extra roti […]

hotel style coconut chutney
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Hotel style coconut chutney recipe, Coconut chutney

Hotel style coconut chutney is a scrumptious and very easy to make side dish that can be prepared with handful ingredients. Yes regular coconut chutney recipe tweaked  bit by adding sauteed onion, ginger and chili while grinding elevates the taste, color and flavor of the chutney – same as the […]

virudhunagar poricha parotta
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Poricha parotta recipe, Virudhunagar poricha parotta

Poricha parotta/ Virudhunagar parotta is a super flaky, crispy, lightly sweet and delicious deep fried parotta often served with salna both veg/ chicken. This deep fried/ ennai parotta/ poricha parotta is super popular in Virudhunagar/ Thoothukudi and much craved by all for its taste and texture. Not an everyday delicacy […]

beetroot millet adai recipe
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Beetroot adai recipe, Beetroot millet adai

Beetroot adai / Beetroot millet adai/ Beetroot thinai adai is a delicious breakfast prepared with a mixture of lentils, millet and some beetroot for that extra taste, health and also to create a variation or variety from the regular adai. Adai – A south Indian savory pancake that is traditionally […]

little millet poori
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Little millet poori recipe, Samai poori, Millet poori

Little millet poori/ Samai poori is a delicious and deep fried puffy Indian bread prepared with little millet flour and whole wheat flour. Traditionally poori is prepared with Whole wheat flour/ Maida but for a change thought to post recipe with millet and as it always turns out puffy and […]

chicken mayo sandwich recipe
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Chicken mayo sandwich, Mayo chicken sandwich

Chicken mayo sandwich/ Mayo chicken sandwich is a quick and very easy to make delicious cold sandwich with scrumptious chicken mayo filling and lettuce. A simple yet tummy filling recipe that can be relished as breakfast, snack, tiffin and is lunch box friendly too. 15 minutes is all you need […]

eggless whole wheat pancake recipe
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Eggless whole wheat pancake recipe, Apple pancakes

Eggless whole wheat apple pancake / Apple pancakes is a super healthy, fluffy and delicious breakfast prepared with pantry friendly ingredients. This whole wheat pancake can be made instantly and all that 1 or 2 apples lying in the fruit basket can all be utilized to make this apple pancakes. […]

corn dosa
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Corn dosa recipe, Broken corn dosa, Sponge dosa

Corn dosa / Corn rava sponge dosa/ Sponge dosa with corn is a soft, spongy and healthy dosa prepared with broken corn rava and whole urad dal. Yes just 2 ingredients and voila delicious breakfast is ready. This nutritious broken corn sponge dosa tastes great with any spicy chutney/ tiffin sambar. […]

mutta surka
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Mutta surka recipe, Malabar mutta surka

Mutta surka is a puffy and delicious deep fried snack or breakfast which is prepared with rice and egg. This mutta surka a malabar delicacy can be prepared easily in no time as it requires no fermentation, and can be served with any spicy chutney and should be served hot. […]