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abc juice recipe
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ABC juice recipe, ABC drink

ABC JUICE a super popular, healthy and delicious detox or immunity booster drink prepared easily with apples, beetroot and carrots (abc). This drink has surely gained its popularity during this pandemic which should have been consumed/ gained popularity even before it due to it’s the immense health benefits it causes […]

tutti frutti ice cream
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Tutti frutti Ice cream, How to make tutti frutti Ice cream

Tutti frutti Ice cream is a creamy and delicious homemade ice cream loaded with candid fruit that can be easily prepared at home with just 4 ingredients. As the days get hotter we all are reminded of Ice cream so thought to share a simple yet interesting Ice cream recipe […]

jackfruit ice cream
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Jackfruit ice cream recipe, Chakka ice cream

Jackfruit Ice Cream/ Chakka Ice Cream is a creamy and delicious frozen dessert that can be easily prepared at home with just 3 ingredients. Yes that’s true! Cream, condensed milk and jackfruit. Sounds simple right? I am sure many of them know about the robust flavors and sweetness of this […]

mohabbat ka sharbat
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Mohabbat ka sharbat recipe, Summer drink

Mohabbat Ka Sharbat/ Pyaar mohabbat sharbat is a refreshing summer drink prepared by adding freshly cut watermelon cubes to rose milk and served cold with ice cubes. This thirst quencher with classic rose milk and watermelon in very bite is super popular in Delhi and kept trending in instagram pages […]

jil jil jigarthanda
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Jigarthanda recipe, Jil jil jigarthanda recipe

Jil jil jigarthanda/ Jigarthanda is a very popular and delicious drink prepared with milk, khoya, nannari sharbath, badam pisin/ Almond gum and ice cream. This thirst quencher is famous in Madurai, South India. Jigarthanda means cooling the heart drink and I got to know about this is in my 9th […]

mango rasmalai recipe
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Mango rasmalai recipe, Rasmalai recipe

Mango rasmalai is a soft, spongy and delicious Indian dessert prepared with mango flavor to suit the summer season. Yes the regular rasmalai is given a mango twist which gives this sweet/ dessert a different taste, look and appealing color as well. I am sure this mango rasmalai will be […]

rose milk ice cream
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Rose milk ice cream recipe, Rose ice cream recipe

Rose milk ice cream/ Rose ice cream is a smooth, creamy and delicious tasting baby pink colored ice cream prepared with just 3 ingredients at home. Yes!! You heard it all right! Full fat cream and sugar whipped together, flavored with rose essence and frozen overnight. Voila homemade ice cream […]

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Mango shrikhand recipe, Amrakhand recipe

Mango shrikhand/ Amrakhand is a delicious and quick to make yogurt/ curd based dessert simply prepared by adding mango puree to hung curd and flavored with cardamom and saffron strands. You might be knowing why this amrakhand post is here! What? You heard me? I heard you guys too! Yes […]

rose milk
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Rose milk recipe, Rose milk with sabja seeds

Rose milk is a yummy summery drink prepared with milk, rose syrup, sugar and ice cubes to quench the thirst. This rose milk is very aromatic due to the addition of rose syrup, which also adds light pink color to the drink making it more appetizing. This drink can be […]

curd rice
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Curd rice recipe, Thayir sadam

Curd rice/ Daddojanam/ Thayir sadam is a delicious and lip smacking summery dish that is prepared by adding tempering to mashed rice and curd. This tempered curd rice is very flavorful and yummy due to the addition of ginger and cilantro in the tempering. This simple and easy to make […]