Gravy/ Curry/ Masala

fish tikka masala
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Fish tikka masala, How to make fish tikka masala

Fish tikka masala is a rich and creamy curry prepared by adding chunks of marinated and roasted fish and veggies into tomato based curry sauce and cooked to perfection with spices. This fish tikka masala tastes just like restaurant ones and can be easily made at home without using skewers/ […]

sarson da saag
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Sarson ka saag recipe, Sarson da saag

Sarson ka saag/ Sarson da saag is delicious and authentic Punjabi dish prepared with greens and served with Indian flatbread prepared with maize flour. This dish is prepared primarily with mustard leaves/ sarson but to balance its bitterness and to elevate the taste greens like methi/ fenugreek leaves, bathua leaves, […]

aloo gobi with step by step images
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Aloo gobi recipe, How to make aloo gobi

Aloo gobi is a simple and easy to make dry side dish prepared with potato (aloo), cauliflower (gobi) and spices. This aloo gobi is a very flavorful dish and is usually served Indian flatbread like Naan, Whole wheat naan, Italian herbs naan, Kulcha, Jeera rice, Phulka and Roti. Aloo gobi […]

matar paneer recipe
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Matar paneer recipe, How to make Matar paneer

Matar paneer is a very creamy and rich gravy prepared with matar/ green peas and cottage cheese/ paneer in spicy onion, tomato and cashew paste. This is one such popular gravy in the restaurant menu and is usually served with jeera rice / Indian bread like these Naan, Italian herbs […]

white brinjal kura recipe
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White brinjal kura recipe, Vankaya kura

White brinjal kura is a spicy, tangy and dry dish prepared with white brinjal, tamarind pulp and roasted spices. This brinjal podi kura tastes great when served along with sambar and rice or just with hot rice topped with ghee. I wanted to try making a dish with white brinjal […]

pepper paneer recipe
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Paneer pepper masala recipe, Pepper paneer recipe

Paneer pepper masala is a spicy and flavorful side dish that goes well with roti, fried rice, noodles or can be relished just like an appetizer as well. This dish is quick to make and serves to b an excellent lunch box recipe also. A long list of basic ingredients […]

soya chunk fry recipe
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Soya chunk fry recipe, Meal maker fry

Soya chunk/ Meal maker fry is a simple and quick to make side dish prepared with few basic ingredients. This soya chunk fry tastes great when served with simple pulao/ roti. This can be easily prepared on working days and is a lunch box friendly dish as it is fry/ […]

kakarakaya ulli karam
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Kakarakaya ulli karam, Bitter gourd onion masala

Kakarakaya ulli karam is a spicy and lip smacking side dish from Andhra cuisine prepared by adding fried bitter gourd /karela to spicy onion mixture. This bitter gourd dish is very peculiar one from usual curry, stir fry or masala, so anyone who wouldn’t like bitter gourd will start loving […]

pepper chicken recipe
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Instant pot pepper chicken recipe, Instant pot recipes

Pepper chicken is spicy, hot and delicious side dish usually served with rice, roti/ chapati. Pepper chicken is usually prepared with regular chicken or boneless chicken depending on each ones taste. As the name suggests this chicken dish is loaded with freshly ground pepper which makes the dish more tasty […]

sorakaya pappu
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Lauki dal recipe, Sorakaya pappu

Lauki dal/ Bottle gourd lentil curry/ Sorakaya pappu is a delicious and easy to make dal/ lentil based curry prepared with bottle gourd as the name goes. I was extremely bored to prepare that same old sorkaya milk curry/ kootu (a coconut based curry) all the time with bottle gourd […]