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idli batter handvo
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Idli batter handvo recipe, Vegetable handvo

Idli batter handvo is an easy and quick to make lentil cake loaded with veggies that is usually prepared by grinding soaked dal and rice together, fermented and cooked/ baked to perfection with tempering. This is one such healthy and delicious breakfast/ snack from Gujarati cuisine that can be easily […]

benne dosa recipe
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Benne dosa, Davangere benne dosa, Butter dosa

Devangere benne dosa/ Butter dosa is a soft delicious and buttery dosa prepared with idli rice, urad dal and murmura/ pori. Yes you heard it right! As the name goes this dosa is prepared and is super popular in the state of karnataka and that is why it is also […]

eggless chocolate waffles
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Eggless chocolate waffles recipe, Eggless waffles

Eggless chocolate waffles with crisp exterior and soft inside makes a perfect and delish breakfast/ brunch when topped with butter/ chocolate syrup/ fruits.Traditionally waffles are made with eggs, but I wanted to try an eggless waffle recipe from the longest time that too chocolate ones only (which I suppose is […]

jowar poori recipe
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Jowar poori recipe, Sorghum poori, Cholam poori

Jowar poori/ Jolada poori/ Cholam poori is a soft, puffy and delish Indian bread that is prepared with gluten free jowar/ sorghum/ cholam millet flour and wheat flour. Yes I did add little quantity of wheat flour/ atta for easy binding and also to make the kneading and rolling part […]

instant pot quinoa pongal
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Instant pot quinoa pongal, Instant pot Indian recipes

Quinoa pongal is a replica of classic South Indian breakfast ven pongal/ khara pongal prepared with quinoa (a healthy grain rich in protein and iron) and moong dal along with some tempering. This quick and easy to make healthy quinoa pongal can be made in jiffy using instant pot with […]

tortilla noodles
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Tortilla noodles recipe, Veg tortilla noodles

Tortilla noodles is a quick and easy to make dish prepared by tossing thinly cut tortilla in sauteed veggies. The leftover tortilla/ fresh tortilla can be given this new form and can be served as snack/ dinner or for lunch box. This tortilla noodles is filled with flavors and masala […]

jowar roti recipe
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Jowar roti, Jolada rotti, Jowar bhakri, Millet recipes

Jowar roti/ Jolada rotti/ Jowar bhakri is a super soft, delish and healthy roti/ Indian bread that is prepared with gluten free jowar/ sorghum/ cholam millet flour. As we all know jowar/ cholam is rich in iron, fiber, protein, controls blood sugar levels and packed with vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, […]

semiya paruppu upma
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Semiya paruppu upma recipe, Chana dal semiya upma

Chana dal semiya upma/ semiya kadalai paruppu upma/ chana dal vermicelli upma is one of a unique style upma prepared by adding soaked chana dal paste to vermicelli and cooked to perfection. We have seen basic onion sautéed semiya upma or veggies in vermicelli upma but this paruppu semiya upma […]

kambu idli upma recipe
Breakfast and Dinner Recipes, Kambu recipes, Millet recipes, Mini Tiffin, Recipes, Upma

Kambu idli upma recipe, Millet idli upma

Kambu idli upma is a healthy and quick to make breakfast/ Mini tiffin that tastes best when served with spicy chutney. I call this dish healthy because these idli’s are made with Kambu/ Bajra which is a millet is rich in fiber, protein, magnesium and iron. So if you are […]

couscous recipe
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Couscous recipe, How to cook couscous

Couscous is a granular semolina that resemble tiny beads is a staple food of Northern Africa. It is usually accompanied with any curry or gravy spooned on the top. Couscous is more easy and quick to prepare than any pasta as it takes just 5 minutes to cook. Sounds interesting right? […]