China grass pudding

China grass pudding, Agar Agar pudding recipe

Agar Agar known as China grass in India is a dried crispy vegetable gelatin used for making pudding, jelly and custards. China grass pudding has glossy appearance and feels like jelly. China grass is prepared by adding melted agar agar mixture in boiled sweet milk then allowing it to set and then served after refrigerating. I made this pudding today for my anniversary as I was reminded of my family as this recipe has been in practice in my family since ages and this pudding is a must in our family during any special occasion. This pudding is easy to make with handful ingredients in its making. This pudding feels like jelly and will be adored by both kids and adults. So lets get to the making!
China grass pudding

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  • Agar agar – 7 grams / ¾ bar
  • Milk – 2 cups
  • Water – 1 ½ cup
  • Sugar – ¾ cup
  • Chopped Cashews – 7 (for garnish)

China grass pudding

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How to make china grass pudding with step by step images

China grass pudding

  1. Make agar agar into pieces and soak in 1 ½ cup water for 15 minutes.
    China grass pudding
  2. Meanwhile boil milk in pan and add sugar to it and set aside.
    China grass pudding
  3. Now boil the agar agar along with soaked water. Put off the flame after the agar agar has melted completely. (The water look clear).
    China grass pudding
  4. Now add this mixture to the milk using a strainer. Allow the milk to boil for a minute and put off the flame.
    China grass pudding
  5. Now transfer the milk mixture to bowl, tray or mold and keep it undisturbed.
    China grass pudding
  6. When the milk starts to cool down it will start to set. Now garnish with chopped cashews and refrigerate it for an hour.( In the above picture the cashew stays on top as the mixture has set in room temperature).
    China grass pudding
  7. After an hour run a knife and serve the pudding immediately chilled.
    China grass pudding



  1. Hi
    Today I prepared China grass pudding but wen I put the melted China grass water in milk ..The milk curdled
    Again I tried second time again slightly milk curdled.
    Y is it so

  2. Hi,

    I did as per the above but it was not so stiff as shown in the picture,

    1 Cup = how many ml of water or milk?
    1 Cup = how many Grams of Sugar?

    I googled and got to know 1 cup = 250 ml so it was not so perfect

    • Sandhya Riyaz

      Hi, yes 1 cup is 250 ml. If the output was not stiff it could be the mixture was watery or agar agar was not melted properly and mixed. Also use same cup to measure all the ingredients for right measurements. Do follow the instruction and I am sure it will be stiff.

  3. Manzoor Ali shaikh

    hi sandhya
    is agar agar and china grass one and same thing. if a recipe requires 2 TBs of agar agar, how much china grass should i put as substitute?


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