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instant rava appam recipe
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Instant rava appam recipe, Instant appam

Instant rava appam/ Sooji appam is a soft, spongy and delicious breakfast that can be prepared in just 15 minutes. Yes that’s right! This instant breakfast uses just 6 pantry friendly ingredients and requires no fermentation which is again a good news.  I am a great fan of appam and […]

thakkali halwa recipe
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Tomato halwa recipe, Thakkali halwa recipe

Tomato halwa/ Thakkali halwa is a sweet, slightly tangy, naturally colored and glossy looking delicious sweet containing the goodness of tomatoes. This interesting instant halwa recipe is prepared with tomato puree/ paste, cornflour, sugar, ghee and flavored with cardamom. Yes just 5 pantry friendly ingredients and the halwa will be […]

eggless pancakes recipe
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Eggless oats pancakes recipe, Eggless pancakes

Eggless oats pancakes is a healthy and delicious breakfast that can be made in a jiffy with pantry friendly ingredients. Though this pancake recipe Uses no eggs they will be soft, fluffy and delish just like the pancake made with eggs. These oats pancakes are tummy filling than the regular […]

Eggless chocolate mug cake
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Eggless chocolate mug cake, 2 minute mug cake

Chocolate mug cake is a quick fix for sudden dessert/ sweet cravings. This solo treat is irresistibly delicious and at the same time hassle free, mess free and can be prepared in jiffy. Yesterday I posted basic vanilla mug cake which is also eggless so today is a chocolate eggless […]

mug cake recipe
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Eggless vanilla mug cake, Microwave mug cake recipe

Mug cakes are a super easy and quick to make dessert made to satisfy your sudden sweet cravings. They are mess free, hassle free and can be prepared in jiffy. Don’t have to be a baker all you need to do do us mix all of the ingredients mentioned , […]

biryani, instant egg biryani
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Instant egg biryani recipe, Street food egg biryani

Egg biryani is one such easy and quick to make rice dish that can be prepared in many ways. But till date the most quickest way to whip up an biryani definitely needs to be a recipe stolen from street vendors. Yes either their method is simple or most of […]

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Bread omelet recipe, Bread omelet street food

Bread omelet is no new term to anyone as it is one of the rescue recipe and also the easiest recipe that is beginner and bachelor friendly too. Bread omelet where both bread and omelet both is cooked at the very same or cooked separately and consumed together has many […]

oats idli recipe, idli
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Oats idli recipe, How to make Instant oats idli

Oats idli is a very healthy and instant recipe which I often make  when I get bored of regular idli/ when I am not in mood to make idli/dosa batter. This recipe yields very soft and fluffy idly and is also stomach filling. I am really not a fan of […]

instant tomato pickle recipe, tomato pickle, thakkali urugai
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Instant tomato pickle, Tomato pachadi, Thakkali urugai

Instant tomato pickle/ Tomato pachadi/ Tomato achar is a bright red colored spicy and flavorful pickle that can be easily made at home with available ingredients. It might confuse you guys why did I suddenly make pickle, but I was compelled to make as I had too much harvest of […]

bread pizza bombs, bread pizza, pizza bomb, instant pizza bomb
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Bread pizza bombs, Instant pizza bombs, Pizza bombs

Bread pizza bombs/ Instant pizza bombs are super easy and quick to make one bite snacks that can be made with just few ingredients available in the kitchen. Yes these instant pizza bombs are baked one making it healthy ones too. Eating regular pizza might be quite a boring one […]