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eggplant bharta in air fryer
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Air fryer baingan bharta, Eggplant bharta in air fryer

Air fryer Baingan bharta/ Air fryer eggplant bharta is a very flavorful and delicious dish prepared by adding roasted and mashed baingan/ eggplant to spices. Traditionally baigan bhartha is prepared by roasting eggplant in direct flame which is actually the speciality of the dish as the flavors created is magical. […]

naan recipe
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Naan recipe, How to make naan with yeast

Naan is a leavened Indian flatbread with soft spongy texture and usually oven baked/ tandoor. Naan can be easily prepared at home on tawa with or without yeast but still have have texture like this recipe which I posted earlier WHOLE WHEAT NAAN (without yeast). Naan comes in many varieties/ with […]

idli batter handvo
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Idli batter handvo recipe, Vegetable handvo

Idli batter handvo is an easy and quick to make lentil cake loaded with veggies that is usually prepared by grinding soaked dal and rice together, fermented and cooked/ baked to perfection with tempering. This is one such healthy and delicious breakfast/ snack from Gujarati cuisine that can be easily […]

aloo chana curry
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Aloo chana curry, Aloo hara chana recipe, Aloo choliya

Green chana aloo subzi/ Aloo choliya is a delicious and spicy onion tomato based curry prepared with potato/aloo and Green chana/hara chana in pressure cooker. This gravy can be accompanied with many main dishes like roti, poori or rice so it can relished at any time of the day. Green […]

Instant pot dal makhani, Instant pot indian recipes
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Instant pot dal makhani, Instant pot Indian recipes

Dal makhani is a rich, creamy and dal based thick and yummy gravy that originates from punjabi cuisine. This gravy used 2 dal varieties in its making black urad dal and rajma which makes it protein rich and addition of butter and cream/milk  adds more taste to the dish and […]

quinoa kheer
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Quinoa kheer recipe, Quinoa payasam, Quinoa recipes

Quinoa kheer is a one such delicious dessert that I have tasted till date, yes a nutty flavored kheer with mild crunchiness perfectly powered with cardamom powder and sweetness is a real treat for our taste buds and a bliss for kheer lovers. As always my recipe will not include […]

golgappa puri
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Golgappa puri recipe, Puri for pani puri, Puri for golgappa

Golgappa puri/ Puri for pani puri is a golden brown puffed crispy puri that acts as main ingredient for many chaat items like masala puri, dahi puri, pani puri/ puchka etc. This golgappa puri is a small sized puri made with sooji/ semolina is very easy prepare at home as […]

vellarikkai payasam
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Cucumber kheer recipe, Cucumber payasam

Cucumber kheer/ Cucumber payasam is a delicious dessert loaded with flavors of cucumber, sweetness of condensed milk and sugar, crunchiness from nuts. This super easy kheer takes only 10 minutes to prepare as it requires no grinding or any soaking making it beginner friendly recipe. Also it demands very few […]

spring onion paratha
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Spring onion paratha, How to make Spring onion paratha

Spring onion paratha is a soft and layered paratha unique from the regular paratha that we make at home. Spring onion paratha is so flavorful that it can be consumed without any side accompany also, but with any spicy side dish too it goes very well. I am a huge […]

instant rasmalai
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Bread rasmalai recipe, Instant rasmalai, How to make easy bread rasmalai

Bread Ras Malai is an instant and easy version of regular ras malai where the preparation time and cumbersome procedure is reduced. Bread ras malai is a delicious dessert that can be prepared easily with very few ingredients at home in very less time. I made this ras malai to […]