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methi malai paneer recipe
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Methi malai paneer recipe, Methi paneer

Okay so I was tempted to try this recipe after seeing a picture in Instagram (I still think if it was there) or somewhere in social media few days back. Methi malai paneer in the pic was ivory in color with tints of green from methi along with paneer cubes […]

aloo chana curry
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Aloo chana curry, Aloo hara chana recipe, Aloo choliya

Green chana aloo subzi/ Aloo choliya is a delicious and spicy onion tomato based curry prepared with potato/aloo and Green chana/hara chana in pressure cooker. This gravy can be accompanied with many main dishes like roti, poori or rice so it can relished at any time of the day. Green […]

dum aloo
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Dum aloo recipe, Restaurant style Punjabi Dum aloo

Dum Aloo or Aloo dum is a delicious dish prepared by cooking fried baby potatoes in spicy and tangy onion, tomato and curd mixture. Dum aloo is a very rich and creamy dish that can be accompanied with variety of main dishes like kulcha, naan, rice, roti, chapati and so […]

rajma masala
North Indian Side dish, Recipes, Side dish for chapati

Rajma masala recipe, Rajma gravy, Rajma curry recipe

Rajma masala/ Rajma gravy is a protein packed gravy that is prepared by cooking rajma/ kidney beans in spicy and flavorful onion tomato based gravy. Rajma masala/ gravy is a easy to make gravy with simple preparation can be served with rice, roti or chapati. For the below recipe I […]

kadai paneer gravy
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Kadai paneer gravy, Restaurant style kadai paneer gravy

Kadai paneer gravy is a delicious and lip smacking restaurant style gravy prepared with paneer (Indian cottage cheese) and colorful capsicum cooked in mildly spicy onion, tomato cashew paste. Adding freshly ground coriander and red chilli powder along with kasuri methi adds to the flavors and taste of this dish. […]

paneer butter masala
North Indian Side dish, Recipes, Side dish for chapati

Paneer butter masala recipe, Restaurant style paneer butter masala

Paneer butter masala is a very rich and creamy smooth gravy served with naan, roti, chapati, any pulao or jeera rice. Paneer butter masala is prepared by adding cream, milk, cashews and paneer in onion tomato based gravy. Adding kasoori methi/ dried fenugreek leaves adds more flavors and taste to […]

cauliflower capsicum masala
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Cauliflower capsicum masala recipe, Gobi capsicum masala

Cauliflower capsicum masala/ Gobi capsicum masala is a very colorful, flavorful and yummy dish prepared by cooking cauliflower in onion tomato based spicy masala. Adding capsicum gives crunchiness to this dish in addition to taste and flavors. I have added 4 colors of capsicum to give a visual treat to […]

baingan ka salan
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Baingan Ka Salan, Hyderabadi Baingan salan recipe

Baingan ka salan/ Hyderabadi baingan salan is a peanut based spicy gravy usually accompanied with biryani. Baingan ka salan is prepared with baingan/ brinjal as the name goes is one of the most delicious gravy with distinct flavors and taste. This recipe involves grinding of a paste using roasted peanuts, […]

Kadai mushroom
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Kadai mushroom recipe, Kadai mushroom dry

Kadai mushroom (dry) is a spicy and masala flavored dish with crunchiness from capsicum is such a simple and easy to make side dish that always remains as one of my top priority whenever I make roti or chapati. I have been making this dish since the time I learnt […]

Aloo kofta curry
North Indian Side dish, Recipes, Side dish for chapati

Aloo kofta curry recipe, How to make Aloo kofta gravy

Aloo kofta curry is a delicious Indian dish where fried dumpling made with aloo and paneer are soaked in masala onion tomato curry. Aloo kofta curry has unique taste than any other regular curry and has always remained my family‚Äôs favorite recipe. Though there are lot of ingredients in its […]