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chicken mandi
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Chicken mandi recipe, Mandi biryani


 Chicken Mandi/ Mandi biryani is a delicious Arabic dish consisting of roasted chicken/ meat and rice with subtle flavors. Unlike other biryani from South India this mandi biryani is extremely different in its preparation that with no possible home technique and special blend of masala powder called HAWAIJ (a special […]

rose milk cake recipe
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Rose milk cake recipe, Rose tres leches cake


 Rose milk tres leches cake is a soft, spongy and scrumptious rose milk cake prepared by soaking rose flavored cake in sweetened rich rose milk mixture which is later topped with whipping cream, pistachios and rose petals. In simple words as the title says this is a rose milk flavored […]

emirati sweet vermicelli and egg omelet
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Balaleet, Emirati sweet vermicelli and egg omelet


 Balaleet/ Emirati sweet vermicelli and egg omelet is a very delicious sweet and savory breakfast consisting of sweetened vermicelli flavored with cardamom and saffron which is topped with savory omelette. Speaking of vermicelli here are few dishes with vermicelli: Sheer kurma Vermicelli popsicle Semiya paruppu upma recipe, Chana dal semiya upma […]

chicken tikka roll
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Chicken malai tikka roll recipe, Chicken tikka roll


 Chicken malai tikka roll/ Chicken reshmi roll is a delicious roll where succulent pieces of grilled chicken is wrapped in a soft roti and served with chutney. Yes this wholesome and tummy filling rolls are great as lunch/ evening snack too whenever you have extra unsold kabab or extra roti […]

qubani ka meetha
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Qubani ka meetha recipe, Khubani ka meetha


 Qubani ka meetha/ Khubani ka meetha is a delicious and a very popular Hyderabad dessert/ sweet prepared with dry apricots and sugar. How simple right? Yes this delicious sweet with just 3 ingredients always tops the list in every marriage held and is also a kind of meal finishing sweet […]

air fryer corn manchurian
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Air fryer corn manchurian, Crispy corn manchurian


 Air fryer corn manchurian/ Air fryer crispy corn manchurian is a sweet, spicy, and slightly tangy appetizer/ side that can be served with noodles/ fried rice. We have all relished manchurian prepared with gobi, baby corn, vegetables, soya, fish and paneer too but thought to try something different yet very […]

chicken kola urundai recipe
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Chicken kola urundai recipe, Kola urundai


 Chicken kola urundai/ chicken fritters is a spicy and a flavorful deep fried chicken balls popular in the chettinad cuisine. Traditionally kola is prepared with mutton and spices as I don’t eat mutton tried making it with chicken just like the veg version I posted earlier like this SOYA KOLA […]

abc juice recipe
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ABC juice recipe, ABC drink


 ABC JUICE a super popular, healthy and delicious detox or immunity booster drink prepared easily with apples, beetroot and carrots (abc). This drink has surely gained its popularity during this pandemic which should have been consumed/ gained popularity even before it due to it’s the immense health benefits it causes […]

mirchi ka salan
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Mirchi ka salan recipe, Hyderabadi salan, Mirchi salan


 Mirchi ka salan/ Hyderabadi Mirchi salan is a popular peanut based spicy gravy usually accompanied with biryani like this: Boneless chicken dum biryani Parda chicken biryani Air fryer chicken 65 biryani Chicken dum biryani Restaurant style chicken dum biryani Green veg biryani Egg dum biryani   Hyderabadi salan is prepared […]

zarda pulao recipe
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Zarda pulao recipe, Meethe chawal, Sweet rice


 Zarda pulao/ Meethe chawal is a very fragrant and delicious sweet yellow colored saffron flavored rice/ chawal tossed in whole spices, dry fruit and some sugar, which is usually prepared during festivals, special occasion, weddings or sometimes served along with biryani like these: Boneless chicken dum biryani Parda chicken biryani […]