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achari pulao
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Achari vegetable pulao recipe, Achari pulao


 Achari vegetable pulao is a delicious and interesting vegetarian pulao/ one pot meal prepared with veggies and pickle. Yes that’s true that’s why the pulao has its name called “ACHARI”. This pulao has a perfect balance of taste and flavor of a regular pulao and pickle, basically you will have […]

sorghum brownie
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Sorghum/ Jowar brownie, Eggless millet brownie


 Sorghum brownies/ Jowar brownies are super chocolaty, healthy and delish baked treat prepared with jowar flour, sugar, curd, chocolate chips, cocoa powder and butter. Yes these brownies are absolutely eggless but still have the same texture just like regular brownies prepared with eggs. Sorghum brownies are super dense, not fudgy […]

shelter in place recipes

Shelter in place recipes


 This is a tough time for all of us where staying safe at home is important and at the same time staying healthy is also important with dishes that will be easy to cook with whatever we have at home. We are unable get access to fresh veggies  just like […]

rajma pulao recipe
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Rajma pulao recipe, Kidney beans pulao


 Rajma pulao / Kidney beans pulao is a very easy and quick to make healthy one pot meal prepared with rajma/ Kidney beans and basmati rice. This flavorful rice can be served with plain curd or simple raita and also serves as excellent lunch box recipe. This recipe works great […]

barnyard millet appam recipe
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Barnyard millet appam, Millet appam without yeast


 Barnyard millet appam/ Millet appam/ Kuthiraivali appam is one such soft, fluffy, healthy and delicious variety of South Indian bowl shaped pancakes prepared with fermented millet batter without yeast. Traditionally appam is prepared with rice, coconut and urad dal and I thought to make it a little healthier and different […]

upma kozhukattai recipe
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Upma kozhukattai recipe, Rice rava kozhukattai


 Upma kozhukattai/ Steamed rice dumpling as the name goes is an easy and quick to make savory upma prepared with a shape using broken raw rice/ rice rava. Yes you heard it right upma with a shape! Rice rava/ broken rice rava is cooked, shaped and steamed making it a […]

idli batter handvo
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Idli batter handvo recipe, Vegetable handvo


 Idli batter handvo is an easy and quick to make lentil cake loaded with veggies that is usually prepared by grinding soaked dal and rice together, fermented and cooked/ baked to perfection with tempering. This is one such healthy and delicious breakfast/ snack from Gujarati cuisine that can be easily […]

benne dosa recipe
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Benne dosa, Davangere benne dosa, Butter dosa


 Devangere benne dosa/ Butter dosa is a soft delicious and buttery dosa prepared with idli rice, urad dal and murmura/ pori. Yes you heard it right! As the name goes this dosa is prepared and is super popular in the state of karnataka and that is why it is also […]

eggless chocolate waffles
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Eggless chocolate waffles recipe, Eggless waffles


 Eggless chocolate waffles with crisp exterior and soft inside makes a perfect and delish breakfast/ brunch when topped with butter/ chocolate syrup/ fruits.Traditionally waffles are made with eggs, but I wanted to try an eggless waffle recipe from the longest time that too chocolate ones only (which I suppose is […]

gobi 65 recipe
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Gobi 65 recipe, Cauliflower 65


 Gobi 65/ Cauliflower 65 is a crispy, spicy and deep fried appetizer/ snack prepared with gobi/ cauliflower, chilli powder and rice flour. This starter needs no introduction as it is super popular and this can be prepared in no time at home as it requires very few ingredients in its […]