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vegetable paneer jalfrezi recipe
North Indian Side dish, Recipes, Side dish for chapati

Vegetable paneer jalfrezi recipe, Vegetable jalfrezi


 Vegetable paneer jalfrezi/ Vegetable jalfrezi is a semi dry flavorful Indian curry consisting of stir fried veggies and paneer in sweet, tangy and spicy sauce. This is one such popular and delicious curry that goes well with roti/ phulka and jeera rice. Jalfrezi curry can be made with just veggies […]

methi rice
Bachelor Recipes, Lunch Recipes, Recipes, Rice Recipes, Variety rice

Methi rice recipe, Vendhaya keerai sadam


 Methi rice/ Vendhaya keerai sadam/ Fenugreek leaves rice  is a very flavorful and delicious rice prepared by tossing cooked rice in fenugreek leaves and freshly ground masala powder. Sounds simple right? It is simple and healthy as well as methi leaves/ fenugreek leaves are considered as a body coolant which […]

jackfruit appam
Recipes, Snacks, Sweets & Desserts

Jackfruit appam recipe, Chakka appam


 Jackfruit appam/ Jackfruit sweet paniyaram is a soft, spongy, fluffy and delicious sweet prepared with raw rice, ripe jackfruit and jaggery. Yes regular nei appam batter is given a twist by adding jackfruit which makes the dish flavorful and super delish. I  prepared this jackfruit sweet paniyaram in appe pan […]

mohabbat ka sharbat
Recipes, Summer Treat

Mohabbat ka sharbat recipe, Summer drink


 Mohabbat Ka Sharbat/ Pyaar mohabbat sharbat is a refreshing summer drink prepared by adding freshly cut watermelon cubes to rose milk and served cold with ice cubes. This thirst quencher with classic rose milk and watermelon in very bite is super popular in Delhi and kept trending in instagram pages […]

uppu kari recipe
Chicken Recipes, Recipes, Side dish for chapati

Chicken uppu kari recipe, Uppu kari recipe


 Chicken uppu kari/ Salty chicken roast (as the title means) is a spicy and delicious dish from the Chettinadu cuisine that is prepared with minimal ingredients unlike other chicken recipes. Yes this chicken dish uses no masala for its taste and the cooking method with handful ingredients brings all the […]

osmania biscuit
Baked Goods, Cookies/ Biscuits, Recipes, Snacks

Osmania biscuit recipe, Homemade osmania biscuits


 Osmania biscuit is one such super popular and delicious short bread kind biscuits originating in Hyderabad and named after the last ruler Osman Ali khan. This melt in mouth biscuit is super famous in Irani cafes of Hyderabad and slurping a sip of tea and having a bite of homemade […]

tapioca adai
Breakfast and Dinner Recipes, Others, Recipes, Tapioca Recipes

Maravalli kizhangu adai recipe, Tapioca adai


 Tapioca adai/ Maravalli kizhangu adai is a protein rich breakfast/ tiffin prepared by grinding rice and dal to which ground tapioca is mixed and made into thick dosa/ adai. Adai is usually served with aviyal/ sambar/ chutney and is one such tummy filling, wholesome and healthy breakfast popular in South […]

rava fish fry recipe
Fish Recipes, Lunch Recipes, Poriyal/ Fry, Recipes, Starters

Rava fish fry recipe, Fish rava fry recipe


 Rava fish fry is a shallow fried fish with crispy exterior and soft interior filled with masala. This recipe is a slight variation to the regular fish fry that we make at home and still it makes a lot of difference in its taste and has a more appealing texture/look […]

homemade churros recipe
Intercontinental recipes, Recipes, Snacks

Homemade churros, Churros recipe


 Churro is a light and crispy deep fried snack prepared with all purpose flour, butter and egg which is served hot coated with generous amount of sugar and cinnamon. These homemade churros are have crispy exterior and soft, gooey interior which makes this pastry super special and these are available […]

kothu chapati
Breakfast and Dinner Recipes, Mini Tiffin, Recipes, Snacks, South Indian Bread

Veg kothu chapati recipe, Kothu chapati


 Veg kothu chapati/ Kothu chapati is a delicious combination of minced chapati and veg kurma tossed with some onions, tomatoes and masala served usually with onion raita as dinner or evening snacks or mini tiffin. This recipe is a copycat recipe of the traditional veg kothu parotta that is popular […]