creamy spinach pasta
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Creamy spinach pasta recipe, Spinach pasta

Creamy spinach pasta/ Spinach pasta as the name goes is a super creamy, rich, flavorful and lip-smacking pasta with the goodness of spinach. This spinach pasta is unbelievably creamy because it consists of cream cheese in its making also used some tomatoes for a little tanginess and it made all […]

carrot chutney
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Carrot chutney recipe, Quick carrot chutney

Carrot chutney is a quick to make spicy, little sweet, slightly tangy, nutty flavored and most importantly yummy chutney with appetizing orange color which can be served along with Rotta  Idli, Dosa and Kuzhi paniyaram. A little tweak to the regular onion chutney recipe will make all the difference, in […]

grilled cheese sandwich
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Grilled cheese sandwich recipe

Grilled cheese sandwich is a yummy hot sandwich with crisp buttery exterior and melty, gooey cheese centre. This grilled sandwich much loved by all all is super easy to prepare and can be achieved with a combination of cheeses like Cheddar, Gouda, Mozzarella, Monterey jack and Havarti cheeses, but you […]

spinach paniyaram
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Spinach paniyaram, Keerai paniyaram

Palak paniyaram / Spinach paniyaram/ Keerai paniyaram is a soft, fluffy, healthy and delicious savory breakfast / mini tiffin. Yes you heard it right! Just add palak/ spinach mixture to your Idli batter and make yummy kara paniyaram for your breakfast. This spinach paniyaram / palak paniyaram tastes great with any […]

instant bread bonda
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Instant bread bonda recipe, Bread bonda

Instant bread bonda/ Bread bonda is a yummy fritter that can be prepared with handful ingredients in jiffy. Yes just put all those stale/ leftover bread to use!! Just kidding even fresh bread will do the job! Was so tempted to eat some fritters during this rainy weather, but was […]

beerakaya pallilu curry
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Ridge gourd peanut curry, Beerakaya pallilu curry

Ridge gourd peanut curry/ Beerakaya pallilu curry/ Peerkangai curry is a spicy, flavorful, mildly sweet and crunch from roasted peanuts. Yes you heard me right no coconut or tomatoes involved yet tastes great when served with hot rice, roti or idli. I am not a great fan of ridge gourd […]

karuveppilai podi
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Curry leaves podi, Karuveppilai Podi, Karivepaku Podi

Curry leaves powder/ Karuveppilai podi/ Karivepaku podi is an aromatic and flavorful condiment/ spice blend prepared with fresh curry leaves, lentils and spices. This aromatic powder not only adds taste to the food but also contains umpteen health benefits so adding it in our diet it very important. This is one […]

foxtail millet dosa
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Foxtail millet dosa without rice, Thinai dosa recipe

Foxtail millet dosa/ Thinai dosa is a tasty golden brown crispy South Indian crepe prepared with Foxtail millet. In this recipe I have added no rice yet makes soft idli’s and golden crispy dosas. I prepared this batter in blender and it turned out really good just like wet grinder. […]

eggles halloween chocolate cookies
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Eggless Halloween chocolate cookies

Eggless Halloween Chocolate cookies/ Halloween chocolate cookies is simple, easy peasy and quick to make yummy tasting cookies as it can be made in jiffy. That’s true!! I totally forgot to make some halloween treat this year for my family and blog and couldn’t think of something fancy/ really interesting […]

foxtail millet adhirasam
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Thinai adhirasam recipe, Foxtail millet adhirasam

Thinai karupatti adhirasam/ Foxtail millet Palm jaggery adirasam is a delicious South Indian deep fried sweet that can be prepared with homemade thinai flour/ Foxtail millet flour and palm jaggery for festivals like Diwali and few other festivities. Traditionally adhirasam is prepared with rice flour and jaggery/ karupatti but wanted […]