instant honey cake
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Instant honey cake recipe, Instant bread cake

Instant honey cake/ Instant bread cake is one such delicious and quick to make cake prepared in just 10 minutes with bread slices, jam, honey, coconut and sugar. Yes you heard that right, less ingredients, less time but no compromise in taste !! This no bake/ bread honey cake is […]

no bake chocolate cake
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Instant chocolate bread cake, No bake chocolate cake

Instant chocolate bread cake/ Instant bread cake is a delicious and quick to make cake prepared with just 6 ingredients in 10 minutes. Yes you heard that right!! As the title says this cake is prepared with fresh/ leftover bread slices and is a no bake cake recipe. An instant […]

mint rasam recipe
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Mint rasam recipe, Pudina rasam

Mint rasam/ Pudina rasam is a flavorful and delicious South Indian style rasam/ soup prepared with mint leaves, freshly ground spices and tamarind extract. We all know that rasam can be prepared in jiffy and is always slurped after a meal, on days when we wish to eat light food […]

eggless whole wheat pancake recipe
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Eggless whole wheat pancake recipe, Apple pancakes

Eggless whole wheat apple pancake / Apple pancakes is a super healthy, fluffy and delicious breakfast prepared with pantry friendly ingredients. This whole wheat pancake can be made instantly and all that 1 or 2 apples lying in the fruit basket can all be utilized to make this apple pancakes. […]

corn dosa
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Corn dosa recipe, Broken corn dosa, Sponge dosa

Corn dosa / Corn rava sponge dosa/ Sponge dosa with corn is a soft, spongy and healthy dosa prepared with broken corn rava and whole urad dal. Yes just 2 ingredients and voila delicious breakfast is ready. This nutritious broken corn sponge dosa tastes great with any spicy chutney/ tiffin sambar. […]

veg makhanwala
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Veg makhanwala recipe, Vegetable makhani

Veg Makhanwala/ Vegetable makhani is a rich, creamy and delicious restaurant style gravy prepared by simmering mixed veggies in onion, tomato, cashews based gravy.  This is one such simple and easy to make buttery gravy loaded with veggies that has same preparation  like: Butter chicken Fish tikka masala Air fryer […]

chicken 65 biryani recipe
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Chicken 65 biryani recipe, Air fryer chicken 65 biryani

Chicken 65 biryani/ Air fryer chicken 65 biryani is a delicious amalgamation of the 2 popular dishes in one pot, where fried and marinated chicken pieces are layered onto the biryani for dum and then served. So instead of cooking chicken in the same pot you will need to add […]

mirapakaya bajji recipe
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Mirapakaya bajji recipe, Stuffed mirchi bajji, Chilli bajji

Mirapakaya bajji/ Chilli bajji/ Stuffed mirchi bajji is one such popular and much loved deep fried fritter prepared by frying potato/ aloo stuffed and batter coated chilli to perfection. This is a popular street food in Andhra and I am sure none of us (been to Andhra) have missed gobbling at […]

instant pot palak khichdi
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Instant pot palak khichdi recipe, Palak khichdi

Instant pot palak khichdi/ Palak khichdi is one such winter special lip smacking lentil based one pot meal that is super healthy and nutritious. Yes this is one such recipe that is super quick to prepare and is something similar to South Indian VEN PONGAL and SAMBAR SADAM. I might […]

air fryer chilli fish recipe
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Air fryer chilli fish, Chilli fish recipe

Chili fish or Air fryer chilli fish is a sweet, spicy and slightly tangy INDO – CHINESE appetizer/ side prepared by tossing boneless fish in saucy colorful veggies. Traditionally chilli fish is prepared with deep fried boneless fish, to keep it healthy and for a guilt free eating I tried […]