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seekh kebab
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Chicken seekh kabab recipe, Seekh kebab

Chicken seekh kabab/ Seekh kebab is a delicious appetizer/ starter usually prepared with minced meat which is spiced and flavored with mint and cilantro often made in tandoor, but in this post we will learn how to make this yummy homestyle kebab in oven and in tawa. This seekh kebab […]

chicken keema samosa
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Chicken keema samosa recipe, Keema samosa

Chicken keema samosa/ Keema samosa is a popular deep fried savory snack prepared with maida dough for outer covering and masala flavored minced chicken as filling. This crispy and delicious keema samosas is perfect tea time snack/ Iftar snack during the holy month of Ramadan. These chicken samosa ms are […]

chicken pulao recipe
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Chicken pulao recipe, Chicken pulao with coconut milk

Chicken pulao is a flavorful and quick to make one pot dish prepared with basmati rice, meat and whole spices. Pulav/Pilaf is usually white/ slightly yellow in color and uses mint and cilantro for flavoring and sometimes coconut milk as well for that mild sweetness and taste. This chicken pulao […]

thalappakatti chicken biryani
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Thalappakatti chicken biryani recipe, Tamilnadu Thalappakatti Biryani

Thalappakatti chicken biryani is a unique flavored biryani prepared with popular variety of short grain rice grown in Tamil Nadu called seeraga samba, chicken and spiced with freshly ground biryani masala to give this biryani distinct flavor and color. This Thalappakatti biryani was founded by Mr. Nagasamy Naidu who always […]

chicken haleem
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Haleem recipe, Chicken haleem

Haleem/ Chicken Haleem is one such popular and surely addictive stew/ dish prepared with meat, wheat, barely, basmati rice, dals rose petals and few other ingredients to enhance the deliciousness of the dish and is much craved for its taste and also for an important reason because it is available […]

kfc style fried chicken recipe
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KFC style fried chicken, Crispy fried chicken (video)

KFC style fried chicken/ Crispy fried chicken as the name has a super crispy exterior and juicy interior is a one such delicious and popular chicken recipe. This fried chicken is something that we all crave for and in this current lockdown situation where there is no access to our […]

chicken cutlet recipe
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Chicken cutlet recipe, How to make chicken cutlet

Chicken cutlet is a party appetizer/ evening snack with a delicious combination of chicken, potato and spices that is shaped/ flattened like patty, breaded and often deep fried or tawa fried. This chicken cutlet is usually made with boneless chicken so using a chicken breast tender is an ideal, as […]

tandoori chicken in oven
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Tandoori chicken recipe, Tandoori chicken in oven

Tandoori chicken as the name goes is a flavorful and spicy roasted chicken traditionally prepared in clay oven/ tandoor. This  popular Indian dish can be easily prepared at home by roasting the marinated chicken in oven/ tawa. Yes you heard it right! All you need is simple curd/ yogurt and […]

chicken lollipop recipe
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Chicken lollipop recipe, How to make chicken lollipop

Chicken lollipop is a very popular and yummy tasting deep fried spicy appetizer/ snack prepared by converting wings to lollipops. This lollipop always tops the party list as it is adored by both kids and adults. This is one such easy recipe which does not require too many ingredients and […]

calicut chicken biryani recipe
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Calicut chicken biryani recipe, Kerala chicken biryani

Calicut chicken dum biryani or kerala chicken biryani is one such delicious dum biryani loaded with flavors. Yes the flavors and taste comes from the Kerala’s special  Kaima rice/ Jeerakasala rice a short grain rice used in this biryani. Also the preparation is little different from other dum biryani which […]