homemade churros recipe
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Homemade churros, Churros recipe

Churro is a light and crispy deep fried snack prepared with all purpose flour, butter and egg which is served hot coated with generous amount of sugar and cinnamon. These homemade churros are have crispy exterior and soft, gooey interior which makes this pastry super special and these are available […]

kothu chapati
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Veg kothu chapati recipe, Kothu chapati

Veg kothu chapati/ Kothu chapati is a delicious combination of minced chapati and veg kurma tossed with some onions, tomatoes and masala served usually with onion raita as dinner or evening snacks or mini tiffin. This recipe is a copycat recipe of the traditional veg kothu parotta that is popular […]

potato puff
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Aloo puff recipe, Potato puffs recipe

Potato puffs/ Aloo puff is a popular Indian snack prepared by filling puff pastry sheets with spicy mashed potato mixture and baked to perfection. I never knew that there was something called aloo puffs until last year when I noticed in a café. We all/ I am used to typical […]

kale pakora
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Kale pakora recipe, Kale fritters recipe

Kale pakora/ Kale fritters as the name goes is a crispy and yummy tea time snack/ Appetizer prepared with kale, besan, rice flour and other pantry friendly ingredients. Pakoras are always the best combo with tea during windy/ rainy days and are much easier than bajji as they don’t require […]

sweet idli
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Olaiappam recipe, Sweet Idli recipe

Olaiappam/ Sweet idli is a soft, spongy and fluffy idli where idli is sweetened with jaggery, flavored with cardamom and topped with grated coconut, moong dal and steamed to perfection. This sweet idli is usually served as breakfast along with ginger chutney. This is Pondicherry (I was born there) specialty […]

eggless donuts
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Eggless doughnut recipe, Basic eggless donuts

Eggless donut/ doughnut is one such soft, fluffy and are very easy to make fried dessert food and sometimes consumed as breakfast too. Donuts are usually prepared with eggs, flour and yeast as base ingredients but this time I wanted to make eggless donuts just to make it possible for […]

chicken keema samosa
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Chicken keema samosa recipe, Keema samosa

Chicken keema samosa/ Keema samosa is a popular deep fried savory snack prepared with maida dough for outer covering and masala flavored minced chicken as filling. This crispy and delicious keema samosas is perfect tea time snack/ Iftar snack during the holy month of Ramadan. These chicken samosa ms are […]

spinach samosa
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Spinach and cheese samosa recipe, Cheese samosa

Spinach and cheese samosa/ Cheese samosa is a deep fried/ baked pastry/ savory snack prepared with spinach and cheese filling. Samosa is a very popular triangle shaped snack/ appetizer prepared with different kinds of filling like potato, onion, vegetable, chicken and much more in Indian and Asia. We love to […]

kfc style fried chicken recipe
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KFC style fried chicken, Crispy fried chicken (video)

KFC style fried chicken/ Crispy fried chicken as the name has a super crispy exterior and juicy interior is a one such delicious and popular chicken recipe. This fried chicken is something that we all crave for and in this current lockdown situation where there is no access to our […]

chicken cutlet recipe
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Chicken cutlet recipe, How to make chicken cutlet

Chicken cutlet is a party appetizer/ evening snack with a delicious combination of chicken, potato and spices that is shaped/ flattened like patty, breaded and often deep fried or tawa fried. This chicken cutlet is usually made with boneless chicken so using a chicken breast tender is an ideal, as […]