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jackfruit appam
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Jackfruit appam recipe, Chakka appam

Jackfruit appam/ Jackfruit sweet paniyaram is a soft, spongy, fluffy and delicious sweet prepared with raw rice, ripe jackfruit and jaggery. Yes regular nei appam batter is given a twist by adding jackfruit which makes the dish flavorful and super delish. I  prepared this jackfruit sweet paniyaram in appe pan […]

lychee phirni recipe
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Lychee phirni recipe, Firni, Phirni recipe

Lychee phirni/ Firni is a delicious and creamy pudding/ dessert prepared with milk, basmati rice, sugar, cardamom powder, lychee and topped with nuts. This pudding is usually served cold in mud bowl called shikora, since I don’t have that at home I used a regular mud bowl. As we all have […]

thakkali halwa recipe
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Tomato halwa recipe, Thakkali halwa recipe

Tomato halwa/ Thakkali halwa is a sweet, slightly tangy, naturally colored and glossy looking delicious sweet containing the goodness of tomatoes. This interesting instant halwa recipe is prepared with tomato puree/ paste, cornflour, sugar, ghee and flavored with cardamom. Yes just 5 pantry friendly ingredients and the halwa will be […]

mango rasmalai recipe
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Mango rasmalai recipe, Rasmalai recipe

Mango rasmalai is a soft, spongy and delicious Indian dessert prepared with mango flavor to suit the summer season. Yes the regular rasmalai is given a mango twist which gives this sweet/ dessert a different taste, look and appealing color as well. I am sure this mango rasmalai will be […]

eggless donuts
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Eggless doughnut recipe, Basic eggless donuts

Eggless donut/ doughnut is one such soft, fluffy and are very easy to make fried dessert food and sometimes consumed as breakfast too. Donuts are usually prepared with eggs, flour and yeast as base ingredients but this time I wanted to make eggless donuts just to make it possible for […]

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Mango shrikhand recipe, Amrakhand recipe

Mango shrikhand/ Amrakhand is a delicious and quick to make yogurt/ curd based dessert simply prepared by adding mango puree to hung curd and flavored with cardamom and saffron strands. You might be knowing why this amrakhand post is here! What? You heard me? I heard you guys too! Yes […]

eggless bread pudding
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Bread pudding recipe, Eggless bread pudding

Bread pudding is an easy and quick to make melt in mouth dessert prepared by layering bread cubes, milk and finally topped with raisins and baked to perfection. This recipe is usually prepared with eggs/ custard powder along with other ingredients but that again depends on your liking. So the […]

milk halwa
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Milk halwa recipe, Paal halwa

Milk halwa/ Paal halwa is a delicious Indian dessert prepared with milk, sugar and flavored with cardamom. This paal halwa is very easy to prepare halwa as it will be done in one pot and with handful everyday ingredients only. I learnt this yummy milk halwa/ kavva from my MIL […]

fresh fruit cake recipe
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Fresh fruit cake recipe, Eggless fruit cake

Fresh fruit cake consists of a basic soft and spongy vanilla cake which is layered with fruits and covered with vanilla frosting and topped with fresh fruits and garnished with sliced almonds in the sides. Yes its an interesting cake and surely loved by everyone specially by chocolate haters/ fruits […]

dates kheer recipe
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Dates kheer recipe, Khajoor ki kheer

Dates kheer/ Khajoor kheer is tasty, healthy and quick to make kheer/ milk sweet loaded with nuts and khajoor/ dates. You guys would have guessed why this kheer post is here. Yes, the holy month of Ramadan/ Ramzan is about to begin and we will need to energize us with […]