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caramel custard recipe, pudding
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Caramel custard recipe, Steamed Caramel pudding

Caramel custard pudding/ Caramel custard flan is a delicious wiggly jiggly dessert consisting of soft custard topped with caramel that is usually made in oven. To make it more easy for everyone I thought to try this pudding recipe in stove top method or steamed version using idli steamer that […]

besan halwa recipe, halwa
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Besan halwa recipe, How to make besan ka halwa

Besan halwa as the name goes is a delicious sweet recipe made with besan/ Chickpea flour. Besan is usually used for making a variety of fried snacks and also for ladoos but why not make a quick and simple halwa with it to give feast to our palates. Besan halwa […]

kalkandu pongal recipe, pongal, kalkandu sadam
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Kalkandu pongal recipe, Kalkandu Sadam, Sweet pongal

Kalkandu pongal is one such variety of sweet pongal made with rice, moong dal and kalkandu/ rock sugar candy as the name suggests. I had already posted the traditional sakkarai pongal recipe last year in the blog so wanted to post something different most impotantly without using jaggery so I […]

makhane ki kheer, makhane ki kheer recipe
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Makhane ki kheer recipe, Phool makhane ki kheer recipe

Wishing everyone a very happy and a prosperous new year! First day of the year as always I wished to post a sweet recipe and here comes a very healthy, tasty and quick to make kheer. Phool makhana/ lotus seeds are rich in calcium, zinc, thiamine and good source of […]

basbousa, semolina cake
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Basbousa, Eggless Basbousa, Arabic semolina cake

Basbousa also known as kareesa or revani is a a very soft, moist and lip smacking middle eastern sweet cake drenched in sugar syrup with flavors of rose water and commonly topped with blanched almonds. Basbousa is prepared with semolina/ fine sooji also called farina along with coconut in both […]

rice kheer, leftover rice kheer
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Leftover rice kheer, Cooked rice kheer, Chawal ki kheer

Kheer from leftover cooked rice is a one such easy and super delicious dessert that can be prepared on day. Kheer fans like me just need a reason to make it so I cook extra rice to make possibly prepare kheer. Kheer is originally made using uncooked basmati rice which […]

aval halwa recipe, halwa
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Aval halwa recipe, Poha halwa, Diwali recipes

Aval halwa/ Poha halwa is a new variety and a must try yummy and super quick to make halwa this diwali or for any other festival or special occasion. Yes this halwa is made with red poha/ aval and along with few handful ingredients to enrich its taste that too […]

beetroot halwa recipe, beetroot halwa, halwa
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Beetroot halwa recipe, Easy beetroot halwa

Beetroot halwa is a delicious and healthy dessert that derives a beautiful color naturally from the veggie beetroot itself. Beetroot halwa is one such very easy to prepare recipe without having to follow any technique or trick as the halwa is just formed by adding ingredients one after one. Yes […]

sweet ragi semiya recipe, sweet ragi vermicelli, sweet semiya
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Sweet ragi semiya recipe, Finger millet semiya recipe

Sweet ragi vermicelli/ Finger millet semiya is a delicious and healthy recipe that can be prepared in jiffy. Finger millet semiya is one such ingredient that needs to added in our diet as it contains so much of health benefits. This simple and quick to make recipe involves only handful […]

kesari bath, karnataka style kesari bhath
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Kesari bath recipe, Karnataka style kesari bhath

Kesari bath is a very delicious Indian sweet prepared in Karnataka style using sooji, sugar and water. This kesari bath is very similar to sheera/ kesari prepared but is different in color and texture. Yes kesari bhath is little flowy in texture and is usually prepared in yellow color. This […]