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mutta dosai
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Egg dosa recipe, Mutta dosai, How to make egg dosa

Egg dosa/ Mutta dosai is a super delish and easy to make protein packed breakfast prepared with regular dosa batter and egg as key ingredients. Adding onion, green chilli, pepper powder and cilantro adds to its taste. Egg dosa can be made in lot of varieties actually more yummy ones, […]

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Aviyal recipe, Kerala Style Aviyal, How to make Avial

Aviyal/ avial is a delicious south Indian gravy loaded with veggies is usually served with adai, savory pancake made with lentils and also is an important dish in Onam Sadya. Aviyal is prepared by cooking mixed vegetables in coconut mixture and curd making it a very flavorful dish. Aviyal cooked […]

kaima idli
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Kaima idli recipe, Saravana bhavan style kaima idli, Leftover idli recipe

Kaima idli is a delicious, spicy, crunchy and flavorful dish that is prepared with fried leftover idlies. Kaima idli is prepared by tossing fried idli cubes in spicy and crunchy onion tomato based masala. Adding capsicum for flavor and green peas for crunchiness makes the dish more tasty and special. […]

sago bonda
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Javvarisi bonda recipe, Sabudana bonda, Javvarisi bonda with idli batter

Javvarisi bonda/ Sabudana bonda with crispy outer layer and soft interior is a delicious tea time snack made with leftover idli/ dosa batter. Yes you heard it right, this bonda can be made with freshly made fermented idli/dosa batter or with that last batter which yields hard idlies and rubbery […]

barnyard millet idli
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Barnyard millet idli recipe, Millet idli, Kuthiraivali idli recipe

Barnyard millet also known as kuthiraivali arisi (tamil)/ odalu (telugu) is a millet variety that is small in size, white in color, round in shape bigger than semolina/ sooji. Barnyard millet is rich in fiber, iron and is also less in calories making it healthier than rice. Barnyard millet with […]

quinoa pulihora
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Quinoa lemon pulihora recipe, Lemon quinoa, Quinoa pulihora recipe

Quinoa lemon pulihora/ lemon quinoa is a tangy, mildly spicy and crunchy recipe prepared by adding tempered lemon mixture to cooked quinoa. Quinoa lemon pulihora is super easy and quick to prepare recipe that too with very simple ingredients that is used for making regular lemon pulihora/ lemon rice where […]

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Appam recipe, Palappam, Appam with rice flour, Appam with yeast

Appam/ Palappam/ Lacy soft hoppers is a soft and fluffy Indian pancake served as breakfast is prepared with fermented rice batter in appa kadai that is specially designed to make appam. Appam is usually made by grinding rice and coconut, but I thought to post a recipe breaking the traditional […]

murungakkai soup
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Drumstick soup recipe, Murungakkai soup, Drumstick soup for cold

Drumstick soup/ Murungakkai soup is a very yummy tasting and flavorful soup loaded with lot of health benefits. Drumstick soup a spicy and aromatic soup can be prepared very easily with handful basic ingredients in just 15 minutes aides in curing cold and sore throat helping all those people who […]

quinoa dosa
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Quinoa dosa recipe, How to make dosa with Quinoa

Quinoa dosa is a healthy and tasty dosa that is very easy to prepare just like regular dosa. Quinoa dosa requires the preparation of a batter consisting of rice, quinoa and urad dal which can be used for making soft and fluffy idlies too. Quinoa dosa is healthy option to […]

thakkali dosa
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Tomato dosa recipe, Thakkali dosa, How to make tomato dosa

Tomato dosa/ Thakkali dosa is a bright colored crispy and delicious Indian crepe made by grinding soaked rice, tomatoes and few basic spices to a batter and then made into dosa. Tomato dosa is super easy to prepare unlike regular dosa as the batter needs no fermentation and soaking hours […]