black urad dal idli
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Black urad dal idli recipe, Karuppu ulundhu idli

Black urad dal idli/ Karuppu ulundhu idli is a soft, fluffy and very healthy idli as black urad dal has high protein value also being an excellent source of Vitamin B, Calcium, Iron etc. Black urad dal idli/ karuppu ulundhu idli looks a bit grey in color compared to the […]

spot idli on tawa
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Spot idli recipe, Spot idli on tawa

Spot Idli is a delicious, addictive and lip making idli variety prepared instantly on tawa by adding idli batter onto spicy onion tomato mixture and steamed to perfection. As mentioned earlier this Spot Idli/ Instant idli variety uses no Idli stand, which is a bliss as it can be prepared […]

jowar rava oats idli recipe
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Jowar rava oats idli recipe, Instant oats idli

Jowar rava oats idli/ Instant oats idli is one such super popular healthy and delicious breakfast that can be prepared instantly without have to ferment the batter. This soft, spongy and fluffy idli’s when drenched in that typical coconut chutney and tiffin sambar tastes divine, or just some chutney powder […]

black rice idli recipe
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Black rice idli recipe, Kavuni arisi idli

Black rice idli/ Kavuni arisi idli is a soft and fluffy steamed breakfast prepared with fermented idli batter consisting of kavuni arisi/black rice, idli rice and urad dal. Yes you heard the name right! This idli gets its beautiful brown color from the black rice which is easily available in […]

sweet idli
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Olaiappam recipe, Sweet Idli recipe

Olaiappam/ Sweet idli is a soft, spongy and fluffy idli where idli is sweetened with jaggery, flavored with cardamom and topped with grated coconut, moong dal and steamed to perfection. This sweet idli is usually served as breakfast along with ginger chutney. This is Pondicherry (I was born there) specialty […]

broken corn idli
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Broken corn Idli recipe, Cornmeal Idli recipe

Cornmeal Idli / Broken corn Idli is a soft, spongy, fluffy and healthy idli prepared with broken corn rava and whole urad dal. Yes just 2 ingredients and voila breakfast is ready. This nutritious broken corn idli tastes delicious with spicy chutney/ sambar. I have earlier posted 2 recipe using […]

sprouted moong idli
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Sprouted moong dal idli recipe, Sprouts idli

Sprouted moong idli/ Sprouts idli is a soft, fluffy and easy to make healthy idli prepared by adding ground sprouts to regular idli batter and steamed to perfection. Super simple right? Yes this idli also has the goodness of turmeric powder giving it a beautiful yellow color. This idli can […]

kambu idli recipe
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Kambu idli recipe, Pearl millet idli, Bajra idli

Kambu/ Pearl millet is a ancient miracle gluten free grain rich in iron, protein and other minerals. Bajra has anti diabetes properties, lowers cholesterol, prevents gallstones, aids in weight loss, prevent heart problems and breast cancer as well. Including this miracle grain in our diet can yield so many  benefits […]

cholam idli recipe
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Cholam idli recipe, Sorghum Idli, Millet Recipes

Cholam/ Sorghum/ Jowar is a millet (small grain) which is used in making variety of yummy main dishes and adding this millet to our diet yields lot of health benefits. Today I am sharing with you guys this recipe of soft, spongy and delicious cholam idli which can be prepared […]

vegetable idli upma recipe
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Vegetable idli upma recipe, Idli upma

Vegetable idli upma is a quick and easy to make delicious breakfast that is enhanced and loaded with few veggies to add to its taste and to give it a healthy twist. This upma can be served as mini tiffin/ snack as well. I used veggies like carrot and capsicum […]