Kuzhambu/ Dal

moong dal fry recipe
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Dal fry recipe, Moong dal fry

Dal fry  is an easy and quick to make comforting side dish prepared by adding mashed dal to flavorful tempered onion tomato mixture. Dal fry is traditionally made with toor dal/ tuvar dal and sometimes mixed with moong dal and masoor dal, but I have prepared this dal fry with moong […]

mor kuzhambu
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Vendakkai mor kuzhambu, Mor kuzhambu recipe

Vendakkai mor kuzhambu is simple and easy to make coconut based kuzhambu/ stew prepared with buttermilk and ladies finger/ vendakkai.  Its taste and flavors are very distinct from the regular kuzhambu and can be prepared without much effort. Mor kuzhambu can be prepared with variety of vegetables and this recipe […]

peerkangai sambar recipe
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Peerkangai sambar recipe, Ridge gourd sambar

Peerkangai sambar/ Ridge gourd sambar is a very easy and quick to make side dish/ stew prepared with toor dal, veggies snd tamarind extract. This sambar goes very well with idli, dosa and rice. We can prepare sambar with a variety of veggies like carrot, brinjal, pumpkin, drumstick, small onion […]

sorakaya pappu
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Lauki dal recipe, Sorakaya pappu

Lauki dal/ Bottle gourd lentil curry/ Sorakaya pappu is a delicious and easy to make dal/ lentil based curry prepared with bottle gourd as the name goes. I was extremely bored to prepare that same old sorkaya milk curry/ kootu (a coconut based curry) all the time with bottle gourd […]

sorakkai kootu recipe
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Bottle gourd and shrimp kootu recipe, Sorakkai kootu

Bottle gourd and shrimp kootu/ Sorakkai kootu is a thick gravy with a combination of bottle gourd / sorrakkai, lentil, shrimp/ prawn. It is a very delicious and very nutritious dish that goes well with rice and dosa. Though it has many steps in its making the output is a […]

prawn pepper kuzhambu
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Prawn pepper kuzhambu recipe, Prawn kuzhambu

Prawn pepper kuzhambu is a spicy, flavorful and tamarind based gravy prepared with prawns and spices. As the name suggests the gravy is loaded freshly ground pepper which has lot of health benefits and is much soothing for this cold season. This kuzhambu uses small shrimp/ prawns but big ones […]

fish kuzhambu, chettinad fish kuzhambu
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Chettinad fish kuzhambu, Chettinad meen kuzhambu

Chettinad fish kuzhambu is a spicy, tasty and very aromatic gravy prepared that goes well with many dishes like rice, dosa, idli, porridge etc. Fish kuzhambu/ Fish curry can be made in many varieties and it differs from each person. Some make the kuzhambu/ gravy with coconut or in a […]

Instant pot dal makhani, Instant pot indian recipes
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Instant pot dal makhani, Instant pot Indian recipes

Dal makhani is a rich, creamy and dal based thick and yummy gravy that originates from punjabi cuisine. This gravy used 2 dal varieties in its making black urad dal and rajma which makes it protein rich and addition of butter and cream/milk  adds more taste to the dish and […]

chinna vengaya sambar, onion sambar
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Chinna vengaya sambar, How to make onion sambar

Small onion sambar/ Shallots sambar/ Vengaya sambar / Pearl onion sambar call it by any name is known for its extreme deliciousness and is served with both breakfast and lunch. Just like any other sambar made at home this sambar holds all the same procedures but it needs to be […]

royyala pulusu
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Prawn kuzhambu recipe, Eral kuzhambu, Royyala pulusu

Prawn kuzhambu/ Royyala pulusu/ Eral kuzhambu is a delicious and very aromatic kuzhambu or gravy prepared by cooking shrimp in spicy tamarind mixture. Prawn kuzhambu can be made in lot of methods enhancing its taste but this particular kuzhambu is a very simple and quick type of kuzhambu that requires […]