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air fryer fish pakora
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Air fryer fish pakora recipe, Fish pakora

Air fryer Fish pakora is a mildly spicy and delicious starter or snack prepared by air frying masala coated fish fillet cubes to perfection. This fish pakora with crispy exterior and soft inside is popular in restaurants both in the regular menu and buffet but is most of the time […]

rava fish fry recipe
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Rava fish fry recipe, Fish rava fry recipe

Rava fish fry is a shallow fried fish with crispy exterior and soft interior filled with masala. This recipe is a slight variation to the regular fish fry that we make at home and still it makes a lot of difference in its taste and has a more appealing texture/look […]

fish tikka masala
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Fish tikka masala, How to make fish tikka masala

Fish tikka masala is a rich and creamy curry prepared by adding chunks of marinated and roasted fish and veggies into tomato based curry sauce and cooked to perfection with spices. This fish tikka masala tastes just like restaurant ones and can be easily made at home without using skewers/ […]

fish dum biryani recipe
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Fish dum biryani recipe, Fish biryani

Fish dum biryani is a spicy, flavorful and delicious biryani prepared by layering fried fish on a layer of onion tomato masala mixture and finally put to dum with a layer of basmati rice and cooked to perfection. Sounds interesting right? We usually make biryani with chicken/ shrimp but due […]

meen pollichathu recipe
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Meen pollichathu recipe

Meen pollichathu is a delicious and a very flavorful and healthy dish where fish is marinated with lot of spices and is wrapped in banana leaf and cooked on a tawa. Sounds interesting right? As it sounds interesting it is very yummy to eat and easy to prepare as well. […]

Idli, Fish kuzhambu
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Idli, Fish kuzhambu, Indian breakfast menu #8

So in todays breakfast menu we have simple yet very very delicious recipe as seen in the title idli and fish kuzhambu. I don’t know how many like this combo but it is one of the best combos that I have heard from my friends and husband. Soft malligai idli […]

fish kuzhambu, chettinad fish kuzhambu
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Chettinad fish kuzhambu, Chettinad meen kuzhambu

Chettinad fish kuzhambu is a spicy, tasty and very aromatic gravy prepared that goes well with many dishes like rice, dosa, idli, porridge etc. Fish kuzhambu/ Fish curry can be made in many varieties and it differs from each person. Some make the kuzhambu/ gravy with coconut or in a […]

fish curry
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Fish curry with coconut milk, Thengai paal meen kuzhambu, Meen kuzhambu, Fish Curry

Fish curry with coconut milk/ Thengai paal meen kuzhambu is a very delicious and vibrant colored dish that is a real treat for for both eyes and mouth. Fish curry with coconut milk tastes very different from regular fish curry/ fish kuzhambu due to addition and deduction of few ingredients […]

Fish kuzhambu
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Andhra style fish kuzhambu recipe, Meen kuzhambu, Chepala pulusu recipe (with video)

Fish kuzhambu/ chepala pulusu/ meen kuzhambu is a spicy, tangy and mouthwatering recipe usually accompanied with rice. This particular recipe is a traditional kuzhambu recipe hailing from Andhra Pradesh, cooked in different style unlike the regular ones. This recipe was given to me by my friend years ago, after which […]

fish kuzhambu
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Fish kuzhambu, Fish curry recipe

Fish kuzhambu is a spicy and tangy curry prepared by cooking fish in tamarind mixture. This fish kuzhambu requires grinding of onion, tomato, coconut and select spices which gives a vibrant color. This below method of preparation gives the kuzhambu chettinad  touch and enhances the taste of this kuzhambu. For […]