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spinach samosa
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Spinach and cheese samosa recipe, Cheese samosa

Spinach and cheese samosa/ Cheese samosa is a deep fried/ baked pastry/ savory snack prepared with spinach and cheese filling. Samosa is a very popular triangle shaped snack/ appetizer prepared with different kinds of filling like potato, onion, vegetable, chicken and much more in Indian and Asia. We love to […]

chicken haleem
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Haleem recipe, Chicken haleem

Haleem/ Chicken Haleem is one such popular and surely addictive stew/ dish prepared with meat, wheat, barely, basmati rice, dals rose petals and few other ingredients to enhance the deliciousness of the dish and is much craved for its taste and also for an important reason because it is available […]

chicken cutlet recipe
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Chicken cutlet recipe, How to make chicken cutlet

Chicken cutlet is a party appetizer/ evening snack with a delicious combination of chicken, potato and spices that is shaped/ flattened like patty, breaded and often deep fried or tawa fried. This chicken cutlet is usually made with boneless chicken so using a chicken breast tender is an ideal, as […]

keerai vadai
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Keerai vadai recipe, Keerai masala vadai

Keerai masala vadai/ Spinach vadai is a deep fried crispy lentil savory snack loaded with spinach. This popular South Indian fritter/ Spinach vadai can be served as snack along with hot chai and chutney/ can be served along with sambar rice/ any South Indian lunch. For this recipe I used […]

tandoori chicken in oven
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Tandoori chicken recipe, Tandoori chicken in oven

Tandoori chicken as the name goes is a flavorful and spicy roasted chicken traditionally prepared in clay oven/ tandoor. This  popular Indian dish can be easily prepared at home by roasting the marinated chicken in oven/ tawa. Yes you heard it right! All you need is simple curd/ yogurt and […]

aloo gobi with step by step images
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Aloo gobi recipe, How to make aloo gobi

Aloo gobi is a simple and easy to make dry side dish prepared with potato (aloo), cauliflower (gobi) and spices. This aloo gobi is a very flavorful dish and is usually served Indian flatbread like Naan, Whole wheat naan, Italian herbs naan, Kulcha, Jeera rice, Phulka and Roti. Aloo gobi […]

dates kheer recipe
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Dates kheer recipe, Khajoor ki kheer

Dates kheer/ Khajoor kheer is tasty, healthy and quick to make kheer/ milk sweet loaded with nuts and khajoor/ dates. You guys would have guessed why this kheer post is here. Yes, the holy month of Ramadan/ Ramzan is about to begin and we will need to energize us with […]

cheese balls recipe
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Cheese balls recipe, How to make cheese balls

Cheese balls is a crispy deep fried snack/ appetizer prepared with boiled potato/aloo, oregano, bell pepper, chilli flakes and cheese as the name goes. This is surely an interesting snack to much on as the balls are made with potato and stuffed with cheese cubes, so as soon you bite […]

air fryer onion pakoda recipe
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Air fryer onion pakoda recipe, Air fryer pakora

Air fryer onion pakoda/ Air fryer onion fritter is a crispy, healthy and delicious tea time snack that can be consumed without any guilt as these are air fried and not deep fried in oil. Yes the recipe remains the same just cooking method/ technique is different to avoid deep […]

gobi 65 recipe
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Gobi 65 recipe, Cauliflower 65

Gobi 65/ Cauliflower 65 is a crispy, spicy and deep fried appetizer/ snack prepared with gobi/ cauliflower, chilli powder and rice flour. This starter needs no introduction as it is super popular and this can be prepared in no time at home as it requires very few ingredients in its […]