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egg quinoa recipe
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Egg quinoa recipe, Indian quinoa recipes

Egg quinoa is a quick and easy to make main dish prepared by adding cooked white quinoa to scrambled eggs which is flavored with cilantro. This egg quinoa is a replica of Indian egg rice which is made with just handful of ingredients, so I thought why not try the […]

quinoa rasam recipe
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Rasam quinoa recipe, Quinoa recipes

Rasam quinoa is a comforting and delicious main dish prepared by adding hot rasam (basically Indian version of tomato pepper soup) onto cooked mashy quinoa topped with a dollop of homemade ghee to slurp. As season gets cold we are reminded of this rasam and we usually relish either with […]

quinoa fried rice
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Quinoa fried rice recipe, Vegetable quinoa fried rice

Quinoa fried rice or vegetable quinoa fried rice is a quick and healthy one pot dish prepared by tossing cooked white quinoa in sauteed veggies. This easy peasy dish can be prepared in a jiffy so works well on a busy working day and serves as an excellent lunch box […]

quinoa dessert
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Chocolate quinoa pudding recipe, Quinoa recipes

Chocolate quinoa pudding is a delicious, rich and a healthy dessert made with quinoa (super healthy grain), milk and cocoa powder that can be converted into a breakfast bowl by topping it with fruits of your choice. This simple pudding can be prepared in jiffy with everyday ingredients without any […]

coconut quinoa recipe
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Coconut quinoa recipe, Indian quinoa recipes

Coconut Quinoa (keen- wah) is a savory dish prepared by tossing quinoa in tempered coconut mixture. Yes you guessed it right! But before guessing you might think that this combo might not work, Its totally fine I can hear guys, this is what I heard from my husband as well […]

quinoa tomato bath recipe
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Quinoa tomato bath recipe, Indian quinoa recipes

Quinoa ( pronounced kinwa) is a naturally gluten free grain that is rich in protein with all essential amino acids and has very high fiber compared to any other grain, also high in minerals like magnesium and iron. So we all are aware of the goodness of quinoa but tried […]

quinoa uttapam recipe, uttapam
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Quinoa uttapam recipe, How to make quinoa uttapam

Quinoa uttapam is actually a healthy version of regular uttapam that is made at home with idlli/ dosa batter. Quinoa uttapam is a thick, fluffy and soft pancake prepared with basic veggie topping that is usually used to make regular uttapam. This uttapam uses a batter made with quinoa, idli […]

tomato quinoa upma recipe, upma, quinoa upma
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Tomato quinoa upma recipe, Quinoa upma recipe

First of all very sorry guys I have been in one long and few short vacation trips because of which I could not focus much on blog all these days, I am hoping this does not continue in upcoming days and will post interesting and easy recipes as usual every […]

curd quinoa recipe, quinoa curd bath, curd bath, quinao recipes
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Curd quinoa recipe, Quinoa curd bath, Quinoa recipes

Curd quinoa / Quinoa curd bath is such a summery, healthy and lip smacking light dish prepared with quinoa and curd. Quinoa, since I have mentioned many times about its benefits I m not going to explain it again and bore so lets straight away jump into the recipe. Curd […]

quinoa kesari recipe
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Quinoa kesari recipe, How to make Quinoa kesari

Quinoa kesari/ Quinoa sheera is a delicious and healthy sweet that is also a easy and quick to make recipe with a preparation similar to rava kesari/ sheera where only sooji/ rava is replaced with quinoa which gives the kesari a unique taste and makes it a healthy one. Quinoa […]