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heart shaped pizza
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Heart shaped pizza for valentine’s day, Pizza recipes

Heart shaped pizza as the name suggests it valentine’s day special recipe that can turn as a perfect dinner on a valentine’s day night. Pizza is always my go to recipe as it is super simple to make and at the same time it is not time consuming too. Most […]

tawa pizza recipe, stove top pizza
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Tawa pizza recipe, Stove top pizza, Tawa cheese pizza

Stove top pizza / Tawa cheese pizza is one easy and yummilicious snack prepared without the use of oven. Yes the preparation needs only tawa/ skillet as it will be prepared in stove top method as the name goes. Skillet pizza/Tawa pizza takes very less time to prepare if the […]

bread pizza bombs, bread pizza, pizza bomb, instant pizza bomb
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Bread pizza bombs, Instant pizza bombs, Pizza bombs

Bread pizza bombs/ Instant pizza bombs are super easy and quick to make one bite snacks that can be made with just few ingredients available in the kitchen. Yes these instant pizza bombs are baked one making it healthy ones too. Eating regular pizza might be quite a boring one […]

mushroom pizza recipe, homemade pizza, cheesy pizza, pizza, veg pizza
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Mushroom pizza recipe, Homemade pizza, Veg pizza

Mushroom pizza is a delicious and cheesy pizza topped with lot of mushrooms, onions and colorful capsicum is a sure bliss for mushroom lovers like me.  A super easy and quick to make pizza that can be made from scratch gives so much happiness, due to the desired output that […]

pizza dough recipe
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Pizza dough recipe, How to make Pizza dough

Homemade Pizza Dough is one such easy to make recipe that aids in making a wide variety of pizza with amteen number of different topping of our choice. Homemade pizza dough yields in much better quality pizza base than the store bought ones and makes perfect pizza similar to pizza […]

thin crust pizza
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Thin crust pizza, Veggie thin crust pizza, Pizza varieties

Pizza is a flat bread that is prepared with yeasted dough and topped with cheese, veggies, meat or sometimes only cheese according to individual preferences. Pizza can be made in different varieties and with numerous toppings, one such variety is the thin crust pizza. Thin crust pizza is a regular […]

tawa pizza
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Tawa pizza, Stove top veg pizza, Pizza without oven

Tawa pizza/ Stove top pizza an extremely easy to do and hassle free recipe that tastes just like baked one is a must have recipe recipe. Tawa pizza can be easily made even by beginners as it involves no special technique or cumbersome process and can be made on those […]

pizza rolls
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Pizza rolls recipe, How to make Pizza rolls

Pizza rolls are easy and fun to make snacks where pizza is served in tiny bites. Pizza rolls are prepared with pizza dough stuffed with veggies, cheese and paneer then baked to perfection. Pizza rolls will be adored by both adults and kids. I usually make these pizza rolls when […]

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Mini pizza recipe, How to make mini pizza

Mini pizza is a delicious and fun to make recipe as it is not only easy to make but can be prepared with different toppings as well, I mean each pizza with different topping. Mini pizza works best as evening snack or appetizer and all time favorite one for kids. […]