mint thokku recipe
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Mint thokku recipe, Pudina thokku

Mint thokku/ Pudina thokku is a spicy, tangy, salty and flavorful multipurpose dish/ side/ chutney that goes well with many main dishes like idli, dosa, rice etc. This thokku can be stored in refrigerator and used for a month when you don’t have time to grind chutney. I prepared this […]

sheer khorma
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Sheer khurma recipe, How to make sheer khorma

Sheer khurma/ Sheer khorma is a delicious dessert prepared with vermicelli, milk and lots of nuts. This easy and quick to make dessert/ sweet plays an integral part of EID, yes the festival is fulfilled only when this sweet is tasted. Whenever the name of this pudding/ dessert is called […]

curd rice
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Curd rice recipe, Thayir sadam

Curd rice/ Daddojanam/ Thayir sadam is a delicious and lip smacking summery dish that is prepared by adding tempering to mashed rice and curd. This tempered curd rice is very flavorful and yummy due to the addition of ginger and cilantro in the tempering. This simple and easy to make […]

bombay grilled sandwich recipe
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Bombay sandwich recipe, Bombay grilled sandwich

Bombay sandwich is a very delicious and popular sandwich in Mumbai that is loaded with veggies like slices of boiled potato, cucumber, tomato, onion and a layer of green chutney with few pinches of chaat masala. This bombay sandwich is my all time favorite specially the grilled ones that me […]

corn upma recipe
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Corn upma recipe, Broken corn rava upma

Cornmeal upma / corn upma is a simple and quick to make breakfast/ tiffin prepared in south Indian style with goodness of corn. This nutritious corn rava upma tastes delicious with simple chutney/ pickle and can be prepared in jiffy. I have prepared this upma in rava upma style but […]

vada pav
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Vada pav recipe, How to make vada pav

Vada pav/ Wada pav is a delicious and a popular fast food / street food in Mumbai. This well known food consists of deep fried potato fritter/ batata vada stuffed between a bread bun/ pav bun and accompanied with spicy and garlic flavored dry chutney, green chutney and sweet imli […]

dry garlic chutney recipe
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Dry garlic chutney recipe, Vada pav chutney recipe

Dry garlic chutney / Vada pav chutney is a spicy and very flavorful powder that is used in making vada pav. This particular chutney/ powder makes the vada pav extremely delicious and makes it very flavorful as well. Anyone who likes garlic will surely fall in love with this garlic […]

indian style fried rice
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Egg fried rice recipe, Indian style egg fried rice

Egg fried rice is a delicious Chinese rice dish prepared by tossing aromatic basmati rice in roasted veggies. But I have prepared this rice dish in Indian style by skipping soy sauce, also I have added scrambled eggs last as I like it that way and also the raw flavors of […]

capsicum bath recipe
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Capsicum bath recipe, Capsicum rice recipe

Capsicum bath is a very flavorful and delicious variety rice prepared by tossing cooked rice in spicy and masala flavored capsicum mixture. I prepared this recipe with regular vangi bath powder, yes I just replaced brinjal with capsicum and it turned out more flavorful and yummy dish. Sounds interesting right! […]

vazhaipoo bajji
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Vazhaipoo bajji recipe, Banana flower bajji

Vazhaipoo bajji/ Banana flower bajji is a yummy and interesting deep fried snack with lot of health benefits. Vazhai poo/ Banana flower is loaded with antioxidants, cures digestive problems, prevents anemia, good for nursing mothers and many more goodness as it is loaded with fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium and more. […]