zucchini dal
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Zucchini dal recipe, Zucchini pappu

Zucchini dal/ Zucchini pappu is a delicious and very easy to make lentil based side dish usually served alongside roti/ rice. We all know that dal is almost everyone’s favorite and we usually make simple dal like this: DAL FRY CABBAGE PAPPU  LAUKI PAPPU/ DAL  SORREL LEAVES DAL/ GONGURA PAPPU […]

green gram sweet sundal
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Green gram sweet sundal, Pachai payaru sundal

Green gram sweet sundal/ Pachai payaru sundal is a protein rich delicious sundal that can be served as Prasad/ evening snack. And you guys definitely know why this sundal post popped today in blog all of a sudden!! Yes it is Navaratri!!! And here is the first recipe for it […]

upma pesarattu recipe
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Pesarattu upma recipe, Upma pesarattu

Pesarattu upma is a delicious and healthy lentil crepe prepared with green gram dal and served with rava upma, by which it derives the name from. This is a traditional breakfast hailing from my place Andhra Pradesh and usually served with ginger chutney also know as allam chutney which I […]

sprouted moong idli
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Sprouted moong dal idli recipe, Sprouts idli

Sprouted moong idli/ Sprouts idli is a soft, fluffy and easy to make healthy idli prepared by adding ground sprouts to regular idli batter and steamed to perfection. Super simple right? Yes this idli also has the goodness of turmeric powder giving it a beautiful yellow color. This idli can […]

green gram sprouts
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Green moong sprouts, How to make sprouts

Green moong sprouts/ Moong sprouts is a nutritious and healthy food that can be eaten raw or cooked and is prepared by sprouting Whole green moong/ Green gram (soaking in water and allowing it to sprout/ germinate until white tail is formed) Green moong sprouts are easily available at stores […]

sprouts salad recipe
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Sprouts salad recipe, Moong sprouts salad

Moong sprouts/ Mung sprouts is a healthy and nutritional addition to our diet. Moong sprouts can be consumed either raw or cooked still provide umpteen benefits. Sprouts are a good source of vitamin C, helps digestion, boosts blood circulation, reduces acidity, builds immune system, helps in weight loss and much […]

moong sprouts stir fry, sprouts poriyal
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Moong sprouts stir fry, Sprouted green gram stir fry recipe

Green moong sprouts stir fry/ Sprouts poriyal is simple, healthy and delicious recipe that can be prepared in very less time. Moong sprouts stir fry demands very few ingredients in its making which makes it super easy to prepare. This stir fry goes well with a classic south Indian meal […]

Sprouted moong pulao
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Sprouted moong pulao recipe, Green moong pulao

Sprouted moong pulao is a yummy and flavorful pulao packed with health and taste is one such easy recipe that can be prepared quickly in no time if you have sprouted moong ready at home. Sprouted moong pulao demands very few ingredients in its making just as any other regular […]

Sprouted moong biryani recipe
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Sprouted moong biryani recipe, Moong sprouts biryani

Sprouted moong are germinated from green gram dal. They are a good source of protein and has lot of other nutritional benefits. Sprouted moong biryani is a spicy and flavorful biryani where rice is cooked in spicy onion, tomato and moong mixture. This biryani is easy to prepare and very […]