corn puttu recipe
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Corn puttu, Cholam puttu, Broken corn puttu recipe

Corn puttu/ Broken corn puttu/ Cholam puttu is a delicious and healthy breakfast that can be prepared in just 10 minutes. This puttu has the goodness and taste of corn which makes the dish more delicious. I am a great fan of puttu from my school days as my mom […]

thandai masala powder recipe
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Thandai masala powder recipe

Thandai is a very flavorful, healthy, refreshing and delicious drink prepared with cold milk, sugar and thandai masala powder/ paste for Holi festival. This drink has so much goodness as it uses ingredients like almonds, pistachios, peppercorn, fennel seeds, saffron strands and many more. Sound great right? The traditional method […]

nannari sarbath recipe
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Nannari sarbath recipe, Sabja nannari sarbath

Nannari sarbath/ Nannari sharbet is a delicious and flavorful summer drink prepared with nannari syrup, lemon juice, sabja/ basil seeds and water. This nannari syrup is prepared from nannari roots/ sarsaparilla which has lot of medicinal properties. This is a much relished and much needed drink in summer to act […]

quail egg roast
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Kada mutta roast recipe, Quail egg roast

Kada muttai/ Quail eggs are small eggs that are light and dotted unlike the usual chicken eggs. As you can infer from the egg’s name there are tiny pieces of nutrition from a wild bird named “QUAIL”. I can hear all your questions😜 So I got to know about this […]

stovetop veg biryani
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Vegetable biryani recipe, Stovetop veg biryani

Vegetable biryani is a delicious and flavorful one pot meal loaded with veggies. Vegetable biryani can be prepared in many methods like pressure cooker, dum style, oven baked and stove top method a very simple and traditional style not involving much work. According to me the vegetable biryani cooked in […]

sorakkai kootu recipe
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Bottle gourd and shrimp kootu recipe, Sorakkai kootu

Bottle gourd and shrimp kootu/ Sorakkai kootu is a thick gravy with a combination of bottle gourd / sorrakkai, lentil, shrimp/ prawn. It is a very delicious and very nutritious dish that goes well with rice and dosa. Though it has many steps in its making the output is a […]

kadalai urundai
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Kadalai urundai recipe, Kadalai mittai recipe

Kadalai urundai/ Peanut chikki/ kadalai mittai is a delicious and healthy snack made with peanuts and jaggery syrup. This is usually made during karthigai deepam festival along with pori urundai/ murmura ladoo, but since it is consumed as snack too I thought to post it today, because I made this […]

microwave gajar ka halwa
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Microwave carrot halwa, Gajar ka halwa in microwave

Carrot halwa/ Gajar ka halwa/ Gajreka is a delicious Indian dessert prepared with grated carrots, milk, sugar and cardamom powder for flavoring. Carrot halwa can be prepared can be prepared with regular milk, condensed milk, khoya either in stovetop method or in instant pot, but here we will take a […]

stovetop eggless chocolate cake
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Stovetop eggless chocolate cake, Chocolate loaf cake

Chocolate cake or chocolate loaf cake call it any name it is adored by many for its deliciousness and flavor. So this is one moist, chocolaty, eggless cake made in stovetop method. Yes you heard it right! This recipe requires no baking/ oven and can be made in a kadai/ […]

homemade ghee recipe
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Ghee recipe, Homemade ghee from homemade butter

Ghee a clarified butter is an essential one in our Indian cuisine. It is used in many dishes savory and sweets for its taste, richness and flavors undoubtedly. It is very easily available in stores but the actual taste and flavors of it are not comparable with the homemade ghee. […]