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thalippu vadagam chutney
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Vadagam chutney recipe, Thalippu vadagam chutney

Vadagam chutney is a easy and quick to make delicious chutney prepared with vadagam which is a readymade sun dried seasoning, coconut and fried gram dal. Yes this chutney uses no fresh onion/ tomato so its super quick to make and still tastes delish. This is how my mom makes […]

mint thokku recipe
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Mint thokku recipe, Pudina thokku

Mint thokku/ Pudina thokku is a spicy, tangy, salty and flavorful multipurpose dish/ side/ chutney that goes well with many main dishes like idli, dosa, rice etc. This thokku can be stored in refrigerator and used for a month when you don’t have time to grind chutney. I prepared this […]

dry garlic chutney recipe
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Dry garlic chutney recipe, Vada pav chutney recipe

Dry garlic chutney / Vada pav chutney is a spicy and very flavorful powder that is used in making vada pav. This particular chutney/ powder makes the vada pav extremely delicious and makes it very flavorful as well. Anyone who likes garlic will surely fall in love with this garlic […]

chana dal chutney, chutney
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Roasted chana dal chutney, Pottukadalai chutney

Fried gram dal chutney/ Roasted gram dal chutney/ Pottukadalai chutney is quick and easy to make chutney usually prepared during festivals for breakfast. This chutney is served with raw rice idli/ pacharisi idli which I posted 2 days back. This chutney consists of dried red chilli instead of green chilli, […]

Ridge gourd peel chutney
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Ridge gourd peel chutney, Peerkangai chutney recipe

Ridge gourd peel chutney/ Peerkangai chutney/ Beerakaya chutney might sound a little different but it is one of the tastiest chutney I have learnt from my mom. This post is a continuity post from yesterday as the peel/skin from ride gourd that I had mentioned to save for chutney is […]

tamarind chutney
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Tamarind chutney, Sonth chutney recipe

Tamarind chutney/ Sonth chutney/ Saunth chutney is a classic sweet and tangy side accompany for many snacks also used in chaat items. This chutney is made by grinding soaked tamarind into paste and then boiled along with jaggery and few spices to add to its flavors and taste. This chutney […]

green chutney
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Green Chutney recipe, How to make green chutney for chaat snacks

Green chutney is a very quick and easy to make chutney with the flavors of both mint and cilantro, added the tanginess from lime juice is used for making or serving with lot of chaat recipes, snacks and sandwiches. Green chutney demands very few ingredients in its making and just […]

mysore chutney
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Mysore chutney recipe, Spicy red chutney, Chana dal chutney

Mysore chutney/ Spicy red chutney/ Chana dal chutney is a traditional spicy chutney made while preparing regular or mysore masala dosa at my home. Mysore chutney is prepared with bengal gram/ split chana dal and dried red chilli acting as main ingredient, while adding onion or coconut depends upon each […]

Peanut chutney
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Peanut chutney recipe, Groundnut chutney

Peanut chutney is a mild spicy, garlicky, little tangy and flavorful chutney prepared in a very simple and quick way with very few ingredients and served with idli and dosa. Peanut chutney can be prepared with or without coconut but I usually choose to prepare it without coconut as its […]

sambar powder
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Sambar powder recipe, Homemade Sambar Podi (with video)

Sambar powder is a very aromatic, flavorful and spicy powder which can be prepared very easily at home with few basic ingredients. Sambar powder is one such key ingredient used in making sambar a very common and tasty south Indian gravy usually served with rice, idly, dosa, uttappam and many […]