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fish sukka
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Fish chukka recipe, Claypot fish sukka

Fish chukka/ Fish sukka/ Air fryer fish chukka is a flavorful and scrumptious dry dish prepared by tossing fried fish in spicy onion tomato masala. Traditionally chukka / sukka is prepared with mutton since I din’t eat mutton I had already posted chukka recipe like this CHICKEN CHUKKA. I was […]

kuthiraivali tomato rice recipe
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Millet tomato rice, Kuthiraivali tomato rice in clay pot

Millet tomato rice/ Kuthiraivali tomato rice/ Millet thakkali sadam/ Millet tomato bath is a healthy, delicious and easy to make one pot meal prepared by tossing cooked millet in spicy, tangy tomato thokku / gravy. Traditionally tomato rice is prepared with raw rice/ pacharisi or Basmati rice but thought to […]

chettinad mushroom biryani
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Instant pot biryani recipe, Chettinad mushroom biryani

Instant pot chettinad mushroom biryani/ Chettinad mushroom biryani is a very flavorful one pot meal prepared by cooking seeraga samba rice and mushrooms in freshly ground chettinad masala. Yes this mushroom biryani is prepared with short grain rice called seeraga samba and homemade masala which makes this biryani very special. […]

mint rasam recipe
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Mint rasam recipe, Pudina rasam

Mint rasam/ Pudina rasam is a flavorful and delicious South Indian style rasam/ soup prepared with mint leaves, freshly ground spices and tamarind extract. We all know that rasam can be prepared in jiffy and is always slurped after a meal, on days when we wish to eat light food […]

veg makhanwala
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Veg makhanwala recipe, Vegetable makhani

Veg Makhanwala/ Vegetable makhani is a rich, creamy and delicious restaurant style gravy prepared by simmering mixed veggies in onion, tomato, cashews based gravy.  This is one such simple and easy to make buttery gravy loaded with veggies that has same preparation  like: Butter chicken Fish tikka masala Air fryer […]

chicken 65 biryani recipe
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Chicken 65 biryani recipe, Air fryer chicken 65 biryani

Chicken 65 biryani/ Air fryer chicken 65 biryani is a delicious amalgamation of the 2 popular dishes in one pot, where fried and marinated chicken pieces are layered onto the biryani for dum and then served. So instead of cooking chicken in the same pot you will need to add […]

instant pot palak khichdi
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Instant pot palak khichdi recipe, Palak khichdi

Instant pot palak khichdi/ Palak khichdi is one such winter special lip smacking lentil based one pot meal that is super healthy and nutritious. Yes this is one such recipe that is super quick to prepare and is something similar to South Indian VEN PONGAL and SAMBAR SADAM. I might […]

sweet pongal with condensed milk
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Sakkarai pongal with condensed milk, Sweet pongal

Sakkarai pongal with condensed milk/ Sweet pongal with condensed milk is a delicious and very easy to make sweet that can be prepared for festivals like pongal, tamil new year, Ugadi and other festivals. Traditionally pongal is prepared with rice, moong dal and jaggery, as I always post different varieties […]

tawa meen roast thalappakatti
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Tawa meen roast thalappakatti, Tawa fish fry

Tawa fish roast/ Tawa meen roast is a flavorful and lip smacking fish roast where spiced batter coated fish fillet is again coated with breadcrumbs and roasted to perfection on tawa. This style of tawa fish fry/ meen roast idea I purely adopted from thalappakatti restaurant not claiming it’s the […]

clay pot prawn biryani recipe-1
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Clay pot prawn biryani recipe, Clay pot biryani

Clay pot prawn biryani/ Clay pot biryani is a delicious and aromatic one pot dish where flavorful basmati rice is cooked to perfection in masala prawn mixture in clay pot. This biryani calls for regular and simple ingredients just like any other biryani but all the difference in the flavors […]