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brinjal fry recipe
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Brinjal fry recipe, Brinjal tawa fry recipe

Big brinjal tawa fry/ Brinjal fry/ Baingan fry is a spicy and masala flavored south Indian style fry/ roast that can be served alongside rice, mor kuzhambu/ sambar. This quick and easy to make fry will be super yummy and will be interesting to cook than the regular stir fry/ poriyal […]

sorrel leaves rice
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Gongura pulihora recipe, Sorrel leaves rice

Gongura pulihora/ Sorrel leaves rice is a very popular and delicious variety rice prepared by adding tempered sorrel leaves/ gongura paste to cooked rice and mixed to perfection. These gongura leaves are well known for their sour taste and is abundantly available in monsoon season which is happening currently (May […]

schezwan noodles recipe
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Schezwan noodles recipe, Veg schezwan noodles

Schezwan noodles is one such spicy, flavorful and red colored noodles prepared with veggies, Szechwan sauce and noodles. Veg Schezwan noodles is super popular among all the noodles variety due to its color, spiciness and garlic flavors and with same ingredients fried rice can also be prepared easily at home. […]

prawn fried rice recipe
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Shrimp fried rice recipe, Prawn fried rice

Are you a seafood lover? Then you will surely love it!! Shrimp fried rice/ Prawn fried rice is a quick and easy to make one pot wonder/meal that is super yummy and tummy filling as well. This flavorful rice dish is typically prepared with eggs/ veggies/ meat and veggies combined […]

chicken pulao recipe
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Chicken pulao recipe, Chicken pulao with coconut milk

Chicken pulao is a flavorful and quick to make one pot dish prepared with basmati rice, meat and whole spices. Pulav/Pilaf is usually white/ slightly yellow in color and uses mint and cilantro for flavoring and sometimes coconut milk as well for that mild sweetness and taste. This chicken pulao […]

fish tikka masala
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Fish tikka masala, How to make fish tikka masala

Fish tikka masala is a rich and creamy curry prepared by adding chunks of marinated and roasted fish and veggies into tomato based curry sauce and cooked to perfection with spices. This fish tikka masala tastes just like restaurant ones and can be easily made at home without using skewers/ […]

thalappakatti chicken biryani
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Thalappakatti chicken biryani recipe, Tamilnadu Thalappakatti Biryani

Thalappakatti chicken biryani is a unique flavored biryani prepared with popular variety of short grain rice grown in Tamil Nadu called seeraga samba, chicken and spiced with freshly ground biryani masala to give this biryani distinct flavor and color. This Thalappakatti biryani was founded by Mr. Nagasamy Naidu who always […]

sarson da saag
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Sarson ka saag recipe, Sarson da saag

Sarson ka saag/ Sarson da saag is delicious and authentic Punjabi dish prepared with greens and served with Indian flatbread prepared with maize flour. This dish is prepared primarily with mustard leaves/ sarson but to balance its bitterness and to elevate the taste greens like methi/ fenugreek leaves, bathua leaves, […]

aloo gobi with step by step images
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Aloo gobi recipe, How to make aloo gobi

Aloo gobi is a simple and easy to make dry side dish prepared with potato (aloo), cauliflower (gobi) and spices. This aloo gobi is a very flavorful dish and is usually served Indian flatbread like Naan, Whole wheat naan, Italian herbs naan, Kulcha, Jeera rice, Phulka and Roti. Aloo gobi […]

moong dal fry recipe
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Dal fry recipe, Moong dal fry

Dal fry  is an easy and quick to make comforting side dish prepared by adding mashed dal to flavorful tempered onion tomato mixture. Dal fry is traditionally made with toor dal/ tuvar dal and sometimes mixed with moong dal and masoor dal, but I have prepared this dal fry with moong […]