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Vendakkai mor kuzhambu, Vendakkai buttermilk kuzhambu recipe, How to make mor kuzhambu

Vendakkai mor kuzhambu is an easy recipe prepared with curd and coconut mixture. Its taste and flavors are very distinct from the regular kuzhambhu and can be prepared without much effort. Mor kuzhambu can be prepared with variety of vegetables and this recipe is just a guide to the basic […]

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Kathirikkai pulikachal recipe, how to make kathirikkai pulikachal

Kathirikkai pulikachal is a spicy and tangy recipe prepared by sauteing brinjal in spice powder and then cooked in thick tamarind extract. This recipe is my favorite dish as it is age old recipe from my great grand mother. This puli kachal can be used as side accompany for idli […]

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Inji kuzhambu recipe, Allam pulusu(Ginger stew), How to make ginger kuzhambu

Inji kuzhambu is a spicy and tasty kuzhambu which is prepared by grinding ginger and green chili into paste and then enhancing the taste by adding tamarind extract. This kuzhambu is usually with hot rice or with curd rice. I usually prepare this kuzhambu during winter as it tastes best […]

Pepper chicken kuzhambu
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Pepper chicken kuzhambu recipe, How to make kodi pulusu

This is simple and very easy recipe with basic ingredients from the pantry and can be cooked in very less time. As the name suggests the key ingredient in this recipe is pepper which gives distinct flavor, color and taste to the gravy. I prefer using freshly ground pepper as […]

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Egg kuzhambu, Muttai kuzhambu recipe, How to make guddu pulusu

Egg kuzhambu is very easy to prepare and it can be used to accompany a lot of main dishes. This recipe does not include tomato in its making but requires little pre preparation but the end results will be taste worthy. The key ingredient in this gravy is coconut and […]

puli kozhambu
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Kathirikai puli kuzhambu recipe, How to make puli kuzhambu

Kathirikai puli kuzhambu is a must have recipe in my monthly cooking list because I relished this recipe from my childhood. This gravy  tickles your tongue as it is tangy and  at the same time spicy. This can be made with lot of variations and with different vegetables  but today […]

mulangi sambar
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Mulangi sambar, Radish sambar recipe

This is an all time favorite sambar for my hubby. Radish / mulangi sambar is often made by my MIL along with potato poriyal and this was the first dish she served me when i got married so it holds a sweet memory too and i also remember that the […]

vendakkai sambar
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Vendakai sambar, Okra sambar recipe

I usually don’t make sambar with vendakai / okra as i like it best in poriyal/ vepudu. I am compelled to prepare sambar with it because this vendakai /okra was harvested at my home. Since i had only handful of them i chose to make sambar out of it and […]

palak pappu
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Palak pappu recipe, How to make palak pappu

Palak pappu as the name suggests it is made with 2 key ingredients palak / spinach and toor dal. This is a very nutritious and healthy dal recipe and tastes best with rice and roti. I make this very often at home with fresh spinach harvested from my patio garden. […]