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carrot kootu
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Carrot kootu recipe, How to make Carrot kootu, Carrot and lentil curry

Carrot kootu is tradition south Indian curry/gravy prepared by cooking chopped carrot in mashed toor dal and moong dal mixture. Adding freshly ground coconut mixture adds to the taste and flavor of this dish. This zero level spicy gravy is one of the healthy and delicious gravies that I completely […]

manathakkali vathal kuzhambu
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Manathakkali vathal kuzhambu recipe, Vatha kuzhambu

Manathakkali vathal kuzhambu/ Vatha kuzhambu  is a very traditional dish of Tamil Nadu prepared by cooking dried vegetable manathakkali (also called black night shade in english) in spicy and and tangy tamarind extract. This vathal kuzhambu is very tasty with unique flavors compared to the regular kuzhambu due to the […]

instant sambar
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Instant sambar recipe, Fried gram dal sambar, Tiffin sambar

Instant sambar/ Fried gram dal sambar is a really quick and easy to make sambar recipe which takes only 10 minutes to make and is an amazing replacer of regular chutney and sambar. Instant sambar is usually served along with idli/ dosa or any batter oriented breakfast, so it can […]

arachuvitta sambar
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Arachuvitta sambar recipe, Kadamba sambar

Arachuvitta sambar/ Kadamba sambar/ Brahmin style sambar is a delicious and aromatic sambar prepared using freshly ground masala paste which is usually prepared at our home during pongal as this recipe is free from onion and garlic. This flavorful sambar holds grinding of a simple paste containing channa, dal, urad […]

bonda mor kuzhambu
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Bonda mor kuzhambu recipe, Vada mor kuzhambu, Majjiga pulusu

Bonda mor kuzhambu/ Vada mor kuzhambu/ Majjiga pulusu is a flavorful vibrant colored buttermilk based gravy where urad dal bonda/ vada is drenched in it for more distinct taste. Adding coconut, ginger, toor dal and many other ingredients adds to the flavors and taste of this dish. Mor kuzhambu/ Majjiga […]

Chicken kuzhambu
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Chicken kuzhambu recipe, Kodi pulusu (with video)

This chicken kuzhambu is a spicy, aromatic, flavorful and coconut based gravy prepared without using tomato is usually served with rice, chapati, dosa, idli and parotta. This simple and easy to make kuzhambu is distinct in taste due to the coconut paste used in the making. This is a little […]

brinjal sambar
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Brinjal Sambar recipe, Kathirikkai Sambar

Brinjal sambar is a very delicious recipe that I longed to make post delivery as I could not get hold of these green beauties in the store since then. So this week as soon as I found them, I rushed to buy them as it is my hubby’s favorite as […]

drumstick sambar
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Drumstick sambar recipe, Murungakkai Sambar recipe (with video)

Drumstick sambar is a scrumptious dish prepared with toor dal and drumstick acting as main ingredients. Sambar can be prepared with lots of veggies and of course with lot of variations but the below recipe is a very simple and easy version of making of drumstick sambar which can be […]

Urundai kuzhambu
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Urundai kuzhambu recipe, Paruppu urundai kuzhambu

Urundai kuzhambu/ Paruppu urundai kuzhambu is a spicy and tangy gravy with infused dal flavors. This kuzhambu/ gravy is prepared by adding steamed lentil balls in spicy tamarind gravy and cooked till the gravy/ kuzhambu thickens. The lentil ball is made with channa dal and toor dal which has lot […]

Black chana kuzhambu
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Black chana kuzhambu recipe, Kondakadalai kuzhambu (with video)

Black chana kuzhambu/ Konda kadalai kuzhambu is a very easy and simple to make recipe prepared by adding cooked black chana in spicy coconut mixture. This kuzhambu / curry is prepared without using green chilli, dried red chilli or chilli powder and all the spiciness comes only from peppercorn making […]