air fryer bread pakora
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Air fryer bread pakora recipe, Air fryer pakora

Air fryer bread pakora is a delicious and a healthy version of regular bread pakora/ pakoda which is prepared by air frying besan coated bread slices to perfection. This bread pakora/ fritter is all time favorite tea time snack for anyone and now it can be consumed in a guilt […]

chicken mayo sandwich recipe
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Chicken mayo sandwich, Mayo chicken sandwich

Chicken mayo sandwich/ Mayo chicken sandwich is a quick and very easy to make delicious cold sandwich with scrumptious chicken mayo filling and lettuce. A simple yet tummy filling recipe that can be relished as breakfast, snack, tiffin and is lunch box friendly too. 15 minutes is all you need […]

wheat punugulu recipe
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Wheat punugulu, Instant bonda, Godhuma bonda

Wheat bonda/ Wheat punugulu/ Godhumai pindi punugulu is an instant and easy to make scrumptious golden color deep fried fritter prepared with wheat flour/ Godhuma maavu/ pindi , curd and rice flour. Traditionally punugulu/ bonda is prepared with maida, but to keep it little healthy I made it with wheat […]

mirapakaya bajji recipe
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Mirapakaya bajji recipe, Stuffed mirchi bajji, Chilli bajji

Mirapakaya bajji/ Chilli bajji/ Stuffed mirchi bajji is one such popular and much loved deep fried fritter prepared by frying potato/ aloo stuffed and batter coated chilli to perfection. This is a popular street food in Andhra and I am sure none of us (been to Andhra) have missed gobbling at […]

mutta surka
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Mutta surka recipe, Malabar mutta surka

Mutta surka is a puffy and delicious deep fried snack or breakfast which is prepared with rice and egg. This mutta surka a malabar delicacy can be prepared easily in no time as it requires no fermentation, and can be served with any spicy chutney and should be served hot. […]

nethili fish fry recipe
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Nethili fish fry recipe, Nethili fry

Nethili fish fry/ Anchovies fry is a yummy deep fried starter/ appetizer/ snack that can be easily prepared with handful ingredients. This nethili fry starter is something people would love to order in restaurants just like Chicken lollipop Chicken 65 and now you can make it at home and serve […]

prawn vadai recipe
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Prawn vadai recipe, Era vadai, Prawn fritters

Prawn vadai/ Era vadai is a delicious and easy to make lentil based deep fried snack that can be served as a snack/ appetizer or alongside rice for lunch. This prawn fritters recipe is a super simple and well known recipe by all that is the regular masala vada is […]

kadamba bajji
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Kadamba bajji recipe, Mixed vegetable bajji

Kadamba bajji/ Mixed vegetable bajji is a delicious platter of puffy tea time snack that is served during evenings but much preferred by all during rainy season/ winter. We usually eat/make  bajji with 1 or 2 veggies but this kadamba bajji is a platter of  mixed veggies bajji  in which […]

javvarisi butter murukku recipe
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Sago butter murukku recipe, Javvarisi butter murukku

Sago butter murukku/ Javvarisi butter murukku/ Sagubbiyam murukku is a crunchy and buttery deep fried snack that is usually prepared during festivals like diwali. This is a regular butter murukku recipe with a little tweak by adding soaked sago/ javvarisi to the dough. This is surely not my innovative recipe […]

green gram sweet sundal
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Green gram sweet sundal, Pachai payaru sundal

Green gram sweet sundal/ Pachai payaru sundal is a protein rich delicious sundal that can be served as Prasad/ evening snack. And you guys definitely know why this sundal post popped today in blog all of a sudden!! Yes it is Navaratri!!! And here is the first recipe for it […]