vazhakkai bajji recipe, raw banana bajji
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Vazhakkai bajji recipe, Raw banana bajji, Plantain fritters

After a really long break/ vacation to Hawaii I m back with posting recipes in blog. Thanks for all the inquires about me and conveying how much you guys missed my posts. I m sure the blog will be super active from now with a new and interesting post everyday! […]

ammini kozhukattai, kara mani kozhukattai, kozhukattai
Ganesh chaturthi recipes, Recipes, Snacks

Ammini kozhukattai, Kara mani kozhukattai, Mini kozhukattai recipe

Ammini kozhukattai/ Spicy mini kozhukattai is a steamed savory dumpling prepared by tempering steamed rice flour balls. Yes as it sounds it is super duper simple to make. This mini kozhukattai is usually prepared during Ganesh Chaturthi along with other sweets and savory dishes for neivedyam/ prasad/ offering. The recipe […]

tawa pizza recipe, stove top pizza
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Tawa pizza recipe, Stove top pizza, Tawa cheese pizza

Stove top pizza / Tawa cheese pizza is one easy and yummilicious snack prepared without the use of oven. Yes the preparation needs only tawa/ skillet as it will be prepared in stove top method as the name goes. Skillet pizza/Tawa pizza takes very less time to prepare if the […]

tindora pakora recipe, kovakka fry
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Tindora pakora recipe, Dondakaya pakodi fry, Kovakka fry

Tindora pakora/ Kovakka fry/ Dondakaya pakodi fry made with Ivy gourd is a delicious fritter with crispy exterior and soft interior that can be served as evening snack along with hot chai/ coffee or served as side dish for lunch. Ivy gourd fritters is one such quick and easy to […]

instant besan bonda, medhu bonda
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Medhu bonda recipe, Instant besan bonda

Medhu bonda/ Besan bonda is an instant and very easy to make tea time snack prepared with just handful ingredients. Yes all you need is just coffee/ chai making time to prepare these bondas. Medhu bonda/ kadalai maavu bonda have crispy outer and soft interior make it great accompany with […]

instant dhokla using idli batter, khatta idli, instant dhokla
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Instant dhokla using idli batter, Idli dhokla, Khatta dhokla

Dhokla using idli batter/ Idli dhokla  is a super easy and quick to make recipe that yields very soft and fluffy dhokla. Dhokla can be prepared in many varieties but this particular instant dhokla is very simple to prepare as it does not require any soaking or grinding and only […]

bread pizza bombs, bread pizza, pizza bomb, instant pizza bomb
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Bread pizza bombs, Instant pizza bombs, Pizza bombs

Bread pizza bombs/ Instant pizza bombs are super easy and quick to make one bite snacks that can be made with just few ingredients available in the kitchen. Yes these instant pizza bombs are baked one making it healthy ones too. Eating regular pizza might be quite a boring one […]

muttai paniyaram recipe, chettinad muttai paniyaram, muttai paniyaram, paniyaram
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Egg paniyaram recipe, Chettinad muttai paniyaram

Egg paniyaram/ Chettinad Muttai paniyaram is a soft, fluffy and delicious savory appe/ paniyaram made with eggs and idli batter. Egg paniyaram with spicy chutney can be served as evening snacks/ mini tiffin/ breakfast sounds great right? Egg paniyaram though the dish name might sound a little fancy it is […]

fruit cake recipe
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Fruit cake recipe, Dried fruit cake, Tea time fruit cake

Fruit cake/ Dried fruit cake is light, fluffy, spongy and scrumptious cake that is loaded with dried fruits as the name goes. This quick and easy to make cake is my go to recipe for tea time when I don’t have mood to make any fried snacks at home still […]

dill leaves vada, dill leaves masala vada, masala vadai, vadai
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Dill leaves vada, Dill leaves masala vadai, Paruppu vadai

Dill leaves vada is a very nutritious and delicious vada prepared with channa dal/ bengal gram and dill leaves. Soya leaves/ Dill leaves carry lot of health benefits and their addition in our daily diet is very important. Dill leaves taste something similar to caraway seeds and little like parsley […]