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vazhakkai bajji recipe, raw banana bajji
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Vazhakkai bajji recipe, Raw banana bajji, Plantain fritters

After a really long break/ vacation to Hawaii I m back with posting recipes in blog. Thanks for all the inquires about me and conveying how much you guys missed my posts. I m sure the blog will be super active from now with a new and interesting post everyday! […]

tindora pakora recipe, kovakka fry
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Tindora pakora recipe, Dondakaya pakodi fry, Kovakka fry

Tindora pakora/ Kovakka fry/ Dondakaya pakodi fry made with Ivy gourd is a delicious fritter with crispy exterior and soft interior that can be served as evening snack along with hot chai/ coffee or served as side dish for lunch. Ivy gourd fritters is one such quick and easy to […]

thayir vadai
Recipes, Snacks, Vadai/ Bonda/ Bajji/ Pakora Recipes

Thayir vadai recipe, Curd vada, South Indian curd vada

Thayir vadai/ Curd vada is a delicious South Indian snack prepared by adding soaked vada in tempered curd mixture and served with garnish consisting of boondi, carrot and finely chopped cilantro. Thayir vadai is my hubby’s all time favorite and for that reason I make extra vada so that I […]

sago bonda
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Javvarisi bonda recipe, Sabudana bonda, Javvarisi bonda with idli batter

Javvarisi bonda/ Sabudana bonda with crispy outer layer and soft interior is a delicious tea time snack made with leftover idli/ dosa batter. Yes you heard it right, this bonda can be made with freshly made fermented idli/dosa batter or with that last batter which yields hard idlies and rubbery […]

batata vada
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Aloo bonda recipe, Batata vada, Potato bonda recipe (Urulaikizhangu bonda)

Aloo bonda/ Batata vada is a stuffed fried snack prepared by dipping potato mixture in besan batter, which is then deep fried and served along with chutney. This aloo bonda/ batata vada has a crisp exterior and soft interior making it a relishable one. This simple and easy to make […]

gobi pakora
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Cauliflower pakoda recipe, Gobi pakora recipe

Cauliflower pakoda/ Gobi pakora is a delicious and crispy fritter where batter coated blanched cauliflower/ gobi is fried in oil. This pakoda/ pakora/ pakodi is such an easy and handy snack recipe to satisfy that small evening hunger with the few basic ingredients that can be easily pulled out of […]

bread dahi vada
Chaat recipes, Recipes, Snacks, Vadai/ Bonda/ Bajji/ Pakora Recipes

Stuffed bread dahi vada recipe, Bread dahi vada, Dahi vada recipe

Stuffed bread dahi vada is a really quick, yummy and easy to make snacks where non fried aloo stuffed bread vada is drenched in beaten silky curd. Adding green chutney, tamarind chutney along with crunchy garnish creates all that magic that a chaat snack demands. Everyone these days are always […]

masala vada
Recipes, Snacks, Vadai/ Bonda/ Bajji/ Pakora Recipes

Masala vada recipe, Masala vadai, Paruppu vadai recipe

Masala vada/ Paruppu vadai is one such easy, simple, flavorful and yummy vada made with channa dal and is usually served with tea/ coffee. Now that its raining in CA, I thought to prepare these delicious vada as it is my hubby’s favorite vada. He is very big fan of […]

Cashew pakoda
Recipes, Snacks, Vadai/ Bonda/ Bajji/ Pakora Recipes

Cashew pakoda recipe, Munthiri pakoda recipe

Cashew pakoda/ Munthiri pakoda is a crunchy and yummy fried snack made with besan flour, rice flour and cashews. Now that its winter everyone would love to have something hot and especially if its going to be pakodas and bajji with a cup of coffee / tea it is a […]

kurkuri bhindi
Recipes, Snacks, Vadai/ Bonda/ Bajji/ Pakora Recipes

Kurkuri bhindi recipe, Crispy okra recipe (with video)

Kurkuri bhindi/ okra fry/ crispy okra is a very yummy fried snack prepared by frying thinly sliced flour and spices coated okra/ bhindi in oil. This yummy recipe takes very less time to prepare and also has only few basic ingredients in its making. For the below recipe you can […]