Chilli bajji, Mirchi bajji recipe, Milagai bajji
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Chilli bajji, Mirchi bajji recipe, Milagai bajji

Chilli bajji/ Mirchi bajji/ Milagai bajji is a spicy and tasty deep fried fritter made with light green, plump and long variety chilli. This snack is a popular one that needs not much explanation. This bajji can be prepared with stuffing and without stuffing, both tastes super good. Today in […]

chicken 65, chicken fry
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Chicken 65, Restaurant style chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a popular appetizer/ side/ snack dish that is prepared by deep frying marinated chicken pieces. Chicken 65 recipe uses boneless chicken for its making which makes it much easier to eat. This recipe is usually spicy and is judged by the color. I have not used any […]

grilled corn, beach style corn
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Indian grilled corn, Beach style corn, Bhutta recipe

Beach style grilled corn needs no introduction as it is one such yummy and healthy snack that we all have relished since childhood. Beach (Marina beach) reminds us of many things and one among them is this grilled corn with the charred flavors. It is super easy to make at […]

karamani sundal, sundal
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Karamani sundal, Black eyed peas sundal recipe

Karamani/ Black eyed peas sundal is one such delicious and easy to make snack or as naivedyam. This sundal preparation does not involve much of work as the cooked peas just needs tossing in masala along with tempering. Super easy right just like any other sundal recipes. So you can […]

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Uppu urundai, How to make uppu urundai

Uppu urundai/ Undrallu/ Biyampindi untrallu is a steamed South Indian breakfast that tastes perfect with any spicy chutney. These rice flour balls are super easy to make as it just requires tempering and steaming and your breakfast will be ready in no time. My mom usually prepares this at home […]

onion samosa, samosa
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Onion samosa recipe, How to make onion samosa

Onion samosa or Irani samosa is a yummy deep fried snacks that is smaller in size compared to normal samosa. These little samosas taste great when accompanied with a cup of hot chai specially on a rainy day. Onion samosa contains a simple filling made with onions and poha which […]

banana fritter, Pazham pori
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Pazham pori recipe, Ethakka appam, Banana fritters

Pazham pori/ Ethakka appam/ Banana fritter is a deep fried snack very popular in kerala. This sweet fritter is one such tasty snack that can be easily made at home. This fritter when accompanied with a cup of tea/ coffee makes the evening best. I am such a big fan […]

wheat bread upma, upma
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Bread upma recipe, Wheat bread upma

Wheat bread upma is one of the tasty, healthy, easy and quick to make snack or sometimes consumed as breakfast too. Wheat bread upma is wholesome as the name goes as it is made with whole wheat bread which many of us don’t like to eat as it tastes bland. […]

chicken tikka, tikka recipe
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Chicken tikka recipe, How to make chicken tikka

Chicken tikka a very popular dish that is loaded with flavorful and succulent pieces of chicken and veggies originating from Indian and pakistan. Chicken tikka is traditionally prepared in clay oven called tandoor which is actually the reason behind its taste and flavors in addition to the veggies and tandoori […]

whole wheat bread recipe, bread recipe
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100% Whole wheat bread recipe, Atta bread recipe

Whole wheat bread/ Atta bread as the name suggests is a healthy and protein rich bread. A bread that requires all those simple and everyday ingredients that is always available in the kitchen. Sounds good right? I am not going to lie by saying it is one of the tastiest […]