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chocolate sandwich
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Chocolate sandwich recipe

Chocolate sandwich is a very easy to make gooey and delicious chocolate toast with crisp buttery bread outer is a simple and quick to make snack/ breakfast which will be adored by any chocolate lover. Here in this recipe I have used chocolate morsels/ chips which I chopped before spreading […]

avocado egg toast recipe
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Avocado egg toast recipe, Avocado toast with egg

Avocado egg toast is a simple and quick to make healthy breakfast that can be prepared in jiffy with bread, avocado, eggs and some seasoning. Voila the breakfast is ready. Sometimes we feel we need something light, simple and tummy filling breakfast and this toast surely is one such kind! […]

french toast recipe
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French toast with egg, How to make french toast

French toast is a classic breakfast that is deliciously rich and super easy to make. This sweet breakfast has 3 main ingredients milk, bread and egg to make it delish. So very basic ingredients and quick to make breakfast which will be perfect when served with maple syrup, cream or with […]

cheese sandwich
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Mayonnaise and cheese sandwich recipe

Mayonnaise and cheese sandwich is a delectable grilled sandwich with crisp exterior and goey interior. Yes the bread slices are made crisp with butter and for soft and lick-able interior just mayonnaise and cheese is used. Just 4 ingredients to prepare this delicious sandwich and voila breakfast done right. So […]

bombay grilled sandwich recipe
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Bombay sandwich recipe, Bombay grilled sandwich

Bombay sandwich is a very delicious and popular sandwich in Mumbai that is loaded with veggies like slices of boiled potato, cucumber, tomato, onion and a layer of green chutney with few pinches of chaat masala. This bombay sandwich is my all time favorite specially the grilled ones that me […]

grilled mayo sandwich
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Grilled mayo sandwich, Mayo sandwich recipe

Grilled mayo sandwich is a basic and very easy to make recipe consisting of mayo, onion slices, cucumber slices, tomato slices, mayonnaise and of corse bread slices. How simple is that? This sandwich serves as an healthy and quick breakfast during morning busy hours or sometimes can be consumed as […]

whole wheat bread recipe, bread recipe
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100% Whole wheat bread recipe, Atta bread recipe

Whole wheat bread/ Atta bread as the name suggests is a healthy and protein rich bread. A bread that requires all those simple and everyday ingredients that is always available in the kitchen. Sounds good right? I am not going to lie by saying it is one of the tastiest […]

iyengar bakery style masala bread, masala toast, bangalore bakery sandwich
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Iyengar bakery style masala bread, Masala toast recipe

Iyengar bakery masala bread/ Masala toast/ Bangalore bakery masala toast serves to be one of the delicious and outstanding sandwiches sold in the bakeries of Bangalore. Yes this scrumptious open sandwich loaded with onion and carrot acting as key ingredients for the sandwich stuffing is one such easy and quick […]

bread vegetable masala sandwich
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Bread vegetable masala sandwich recipe, Bread masala toast

Bread vegetable masala sandwich is a yummy and healthy sandwich loaded with veggies and taste. This sandwich is prepared by making an easy and hassle free spicy filling with onion, tomato, carrot and beans with basic masala powder to add to its taste. I make this sandwich for breakfast when […]