avocado egg toast recipe
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Avocado egg toast recipe, Avocado toast with egg

Avocado egg toast is a simple and quick to make healthy breakfast that can be prepared in jiffy with bread, avocado, eggs and some seasoning. Voila the breakfast is ready. Sometimes we feel we need something light, simple and tummy filling breakfast and this toast surely is one such kind! […]

paneer pizza recipe
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Paneer tikka pizza recipe, Paneer pizza

Paneer tikka pizza/ Paneer pizza is a desi style pizza prepared with regular pizza base which is topped with homemade pizza sauce, tikka paneer, onion, green pepper and cheese. Paneer tikka pizza is one such delicious fusion pizza which we have loved eating for the past 6 years in a curry […]

broccoli paratha recipe
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Broccoli paratha recipe, How to make broccoli paratha

Broccoli paratha is a quick and easy to make healthy Indian flatbread with broccoli and spices as stuffing. This paratha tastes great with plain curd/ pickle and can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner as well. This is an excellent and yummy way to consume broccoli even for those […]

kfc style fried chicken recipe
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KFC style fried chicken, Crispy fried chicken (video)

KFC style fried chicken/ Crispy fried chicken as the name has a super crispy exterior and juicy interior is a one such delicious and popular chicken recipe. This fried chicken is something that we all crave for and in this current lockdown situation where there is no access to our […]

idli batter handvo
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Idli batter handvo recipe, Vegetable handvo

Idli batter handvo is an easy and quick to make lentil cake loaded with veggies that is usually prepared by grinding soaked dal and rice together, fermented and cooked/ baked to perfection with tempering. This is one such healthy and delicious breakfast/ snack from Gujarati cuisine that can be easily […]

jowar poori recipe
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Jowar poori recipe, Sorghum poori, Cholam poori

Jowar poori/ Jolada poori/ Cholam poori is a soft, puffy and delish Indian bread that is prepared with gluten free jowar/ sorghum/ cholam millet flour and wheat flour. Yes I did add little quantity of wheat flour/ atta for easy binding and also to make the kneading and rolling part […]

french toast recipe
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French toast with egg, How to make french toast

French toast is a classic breakfast that is deliciously rich and super easy to make. This sweet breakfast has 3 main ingredients milk, bread and egg to make it delish. So very basic ingredients and quick to make breakfast which will be perfect when served with maple syrup, cream or with […]

how to make lachha paratha
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Lachha paratha recipe, How to make lachha paratha

Lachha paratha is a delicious layered Indian flat bread prepared with whole wheat flour/ atta. This paratha is very similar to the making of South Indian parotta prepared with maida / all purpose flour. This lachha paratha technique I learnt from my mother-in- law as she is super quick and […]

ragi murungai keerai adai
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Ragi murungai keerai adai recipe, Finger millet adai

Ragi adai/ Kezhvaragu adai is a healthy, wholesome and quick to make breakfast/ snack prepared with ragi flour/ finger millet flour and enriched with moringa leaves/ drumstick leaves. This soft roti/ragi adai is good for diabetic people and people on diet but still the dish does not compromise on its […]

ajwain poori
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Ajwain poori recipe, Kasta ajwain puri

Ajwain puri/ Kasta ajawain puri is a classic and a delicious Indian puffed bread flavored with carom seeds/ ajwain which helps in easy digestion. These puri’s are  super quick to make and can be served with a simple and spicy potato curry for breakfast. These carom seeds puri’s are healthy as […]