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broccoli paratha recipe
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Broccoli paratha recipe, How to make broccoli paratha

Broccoli paratha is a quick and easy to make healthy Indian flatbread with broccoli and spices as stuffing. This paratha tastes great with plain curd/ pickle and can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner as well. This is an excellent and yummy way to consume broccoli even for those […]

how to make lachha paratha
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Lachha paratha recipe, How to make lachha paratha

Lachha paratha is a delicious layered Indian flat bread prepared with whole wheat flour/ atta. This paratha is very similar to the making of South Indian parotta prepared with maida / all purpose flour. This lachha paratha technique I learnt from my mother-in- law as she is super quick and […]

spring onion paratha
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Spring onion paratha, How to make Spring onion paratha

Spring onion paratha is a soft and layered paratha unique from the regular paratha that we make at home. Spring onion paratha is so flavorful that it can be consumed without any side accompany also, but with any spicy side dish too it goes very well. I am a huge […]