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Kadai mushroom
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Kadai mushroom recipe, Kadai mushroom dry

Kadai mushroom (dry) is a spicy and masala flavored dish with crunchiness from capsicum is such a simple and easy to make side dish that always remains as one of my top priority whenever I make roti or chapati. I have been making this dish since the time I learnt […]

chicken masala dry
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Chicken masala dry recipe, How to make dry chicken masala

Chicken masala dry is a mouthwatering spicy and aromatic dish where chicken pieces will be cooked in oil without adding water. Adding crushed garlic adds more flavor to this dish. I used sesame oil and regular oil for making this recipe as it helps in making the dish even tastier. […]

Egg curry
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Egg curry recipe, How to make egg curry

Egg curry is a spicy and very flavorful dish prepared by cooking boiled egg in aromatic onion tomato mixture. This egg curry requires preparation of special dry masala which is the key to its deliciousness. This curry is very easy to prepare and can be served with rice, roti and […]

Gutti vankaya kura
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Gutti vankaya kura recipe, Andhra style stuffed brinjal

Gutti vankaya kura is a spicy and little tangy curry prepared with brinjal. Gutti vankaya is prepared by stuffing brinjal with spicy ground masala then cooking the brinjal in low flame. This is a delicious curry and all time favorite one for us. This recipe is simple and easy to […]

mushroom gravy
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Mushroom gravy recipe, How to make mushroom gravy

Mushroom gravy is an easy and quick  gravy where mushroom is cooked in spicy and masala flavored onion tomato mixture without adding water. Mushroom gravy is simple to prepare and has very basic ingredients in its making. This gravy goes very well with roti, chapati and pulao. I love mushrooms […]

vegetabel kurma, veg kurma recipe,mix veg kurma recipe,saravana bhavan style veg kurma,saravana bhavan style kurma,side dish for parotta, side dish for chapati,south indian dinner recipes,south indian lunch recipes
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Vegetable kurma, Hotel style veg kurma recipe, How to make vegetable kurma

Vegetable kurma is an aromatic and flavorful gravy packed with health as it is cooked with lot of vegetables. This preparation involves grinding of coconut and cashew nut paste which acts as key substance in bringing out the flavors of the gravy. It can be served with parotta, chapati, idiyappam […]

Brinjal Fry ( Gutti Vankai),brinjal,gutti,vankai,gooti,Gutti Vankaaya Kura, Stuffed Eggplant Curry , Gutti Vankaaya Andhra Style, Brinjal Fry, Gutti Vankai, Barelu Baingan.stuffed eggplant/Brinjal curry, egg plant fry curry, Gutti Vankaya Kura, Stuffed Eggplant,stuffed brinjal,rice side item
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Gutti vankaya recipe, How to make gutti vankaya

Gutti vankaya is made with brinjal/eggplant and is very popular in Andhra pradesh. This is made by stuffing brinjal/eggplant with spicy dal powder and cooked in oil without adding water which makes it stand out among other dishes. This can be used as side accompany or can be mixed in […]

onion,coconut,salna,kurma,vegetable salna,parotta,indian food,kothu parotta,salna recipe,south indian food,food,kurma recipe,vegetable kurma,how to cook salna,parotta side dish,side dish for parotta,
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Vegetable salna recipe, Parotta salna recipe, How to make veg salna

Vegetable salna is packed with lot of veggies cooked in coconut paste and goes very well with parotta. Though it involves a lot of steps in its making it is easy to prepare and it is definitely worth the time spent. Salna can be made in both veg and non […]

peas curry
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Peas curry with coconut recipe, Green peas curry, How to make matar curry

Peas curry is an delicious side dish with rich flavors as it is made by using ground coconut and cilantro paste. This is the side dish my mom always prepares when she makes poori as we prefer this over regular potato masala. I still remember when poori with peas curry […]

Egg masala, Egg, egg curry,muttai masala, muttai gravy,masala egg,spicy masala,egg kuzhlambu
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Egg masala, Guddu masala recipe, How to make muttai masala

This spicy gravy requires no veggie cuttings and is very different from the regular masala. My mom makes this masala as side accompany , only when she makes lemon rice. Now after a long break after my pregnancy I made this and my hubby was glad to taste it and […]