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egg stew
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Egg stew recipe, Kerala style egg stew

Egg stew originating from the state of Kerala is a delicious coconut milk based gravy usually served with idiyappam or appam. Egg stew is mildly spicy gravy with richness of coconut milk is very easy to prepare and also requires few basic ingredients for its making yet results in lip […]

cauliflower capsicum masala
Gravy/ Curry/ Masala, North Indian Side dish, Recipes, Side dish for chapati

Cauliflower capsicum masala recipe, Gobi capsicum masala

Cauliflower capsicum masala/ Gobi capsicum masala is a very colorful, flavorful and yummy dish prepared by cooking cauliflower in onion tomato based spicy masala. Adding capsicum gives crunchiness to this dish in addition to taste and flavors. I have added 4 colors of capsicum to give a visual treat to […]

chicken kurma
Gravy/ Curry/ Masala, Recipes, Side dish for chapati

Chicken kurma recipe, Chicken korma

Chicken kurma/ Chicken Korma is a very flavorful and aromatic South Indian gravy prepared by cooking chicken pieces in coconut cashew paste to give it a rich taste. This chicken kurma is made with 3 freshly ground paste onion, tomato and coconut paste giving it a thick kurma consistency and […]

garlic chicken
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Garlic chicken recipe, How to make spicy garlic chicken

Garlic chicken is a spicy, aromatic and yummy recipe loaded with flavors of garlic as the name goes. Garlic chicken is a dish amidst gravy and masala which makes it serve as side accompany for rice, chapati, roti or sometimes can be relished just by mixing it with hot rice […]

chicken chukka
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Chicken chukka recipe, Spicy chukka chicken recipe

Chicken chukka is a very delicious, flavorful and aromatic dish where chicken is cooked in dry form in oil and ghee without adding any water. Chicken chukka is a spicy and yummy tasting recipe that can be prepared quickly without having to grind any special masala makes it easy for […]

baingan ka salan
Gravy/ Curry/ Masala, North Indian Side dish, Recipes

Baingan Ka Salan, Hyderabadi Baingan salan recipe

Baingan ka salan/ Hyderabadi baingan salan is a peanut based spicy gravy usually accompanied with biryani. Baingan ka salan is prepared with baingan/ brinjal as the name goes is one of the most delicious gravy with distinct flavors and taste. This recipe involves grinding of a paste using roasted peanuts, […]

prawn masala
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Prawn masala recipe, How to make prawn masala

Prawn masala is a spicy recipe where prawn is cooked in onion tomato gravy. It is simple to make and involves only handful ingredients in its preparation. This is one of my favorite recipe from the time I learnt cooking non veg as it does not involve any grinding and […]

Sorakaya palu kura
Gravy/ Curry/ Masala, Recipes

Sorakaya palu kura recipe, Bottle gourd milk curry (with video)

Sorakaya palu kura/ Bottle gourd milk curry is a very delicious recipe packed with health. Sorakaya palu kura is prepared by cooking bottlegourd/ sorkaya without adding water and its taste is enhanced by adding milk as final step as the name goes. This recipe uses only green chilli for spiciness […]

Egg drop curry
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Egg drop curry recipe, Muttai udaitha kuzhambu, Guddu pulusu(with video)

Egg drop curry/ Muttai udaitha kuzhambu/ Guddu pulusu is a spicy coconut based curry prepared by poaching eggs in spicy onion tomato curry.  This recipe involves grinding of coconut paste which adds more taste and flavors to this curry. Adding tamarind extract gives a little tangy taste to this curry. […]

palak chicken
Gravy/ Curry/ Masala, Recipes

Palak chicken recipe, Spinach chicken recipe

Palak chicken is a very spicy, little tangy and flavorful chicken recipe loaded with health and taste. Palak chicken is a very simple and easy recipe which can be accompanied with both roti and rice. This quick recipe takes very less time to prepare and also holds very few basic […]