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brinjal fry recipe
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Brinjal fry recipe, Brinjal tawa fry recipe

Big brinjal tawa fry/ Brinjal fry/ Baingan fry is a spicy and masala flavored south Indian style fry/ roast that can be served alongside rice, mor kuzhambu/ sambar. This quick and easy to make fry will be super yummy and will be interesting to cook than the regular stir fry/ poriyal […]

white brinjal kura recipe
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White brinjal kura recipe, Vankaya kura

White brinjal kura is a spicy, tangy and dry dish prepared with white brinjal, tamarind pulp and roasted spices. This brinjal podi kura tastes great when served along with sambar and rice or just with hot rice topped with ghee. I wanted to try making a dish with white brinjal […]

beetroot thoran recipe
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Beetroot thoran recipe, Beetroot stir fry

Beetroot thoran/ Beetroot stir fry is a delish and flavorful stir fry/ poriyal where tempered beetroot mixture is mixed with coconut shallot mixture and cooked to perfection using coconut oil. This dry side dish tastes great when served along with sambar and rice during lunch. This dish also is one of […]

capsicum besan fry
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Capsicum besan sabji recipe, Capsicum besan fry

Capsicum besan sabji/ Capsicum besan fry is a simple and quick to make flavorful dry sabzi prepared with green bell pepper and gram flour/ besan. This instant sabji demands just few ingredients in its making yet tastes delish and goes well with both roti and rice. Sounds interesting right? A […]

soya kola urundai
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Soya chunks kola urundai recipe, Veg kola urundai

Soya kola urundai/ Meal maker kola is a deep fried delicious snack prepared with soya chunks is a replica of non veg kola urundai/ fritter which is usually prepared with minced mutton. Yes this veg kola urundai  with crispy outer and soft interior is prepared with minced soya chunks which […]

karunai kizhangu adai
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Karunai kizhangu adai recipe, Yam adai

Karunai kizhangu adai/ Yam adai is a yummy savory pancake served as side dish during lunch along with sambar or any other gravy. Usually we serve stir fry/ poriyal during lunch so this one surely stands out and still has all features of traditional side dish. Yam adai is prepared […]

Field beans fry
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Pachai mochai fry recipe, Field beans fry

Pacha mochai/ Surti padi lilva/ Avarai payiru fry is one such quick and simple to make yummy poriyal/ fry that goes easily with any south Indian lunch menu. This mochai is easily available in market, which needs to be deshelled or sometimes is sold in plastic bags without shells for […]

meen pollichathu recipe
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Meen pollichathu recipe

Meen pollichathu is a delicious and a very flavorful and healthy dish where fish is marinated with lot of spices and is wrapped in banana leaf and cooked on a tawa. Sounds interesting right? As it sounds interesting it is very yummy to eat and easy to prepare as well. […]

quail egg roast
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Kada mutta roast recipe, Quail egg roast

Kada muttai/ Quail eggs are small eggs that are light and dotted unlike the usual chicken eggs. As you can infer from the egg’s name there are tiny pieces of nutrition from a wild bird named “QUAIL”. I can hear all your questions😜 So I got to know about this […]

small potato fry
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Baby potato fry, Small potato fry recipe

Small potato/ Baby potato fry is a spicy, simply delicious and much favored dish that goes well any of main dishe. Potatoes are usually adored by many and baby potatoes are much more adored not only because they are cute in appearance but also for its taste. A simple rasam […]