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vegetable poha
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Vegetable poha recipe, Masala poha

Vegetable masala poha as the name goes is a masala flavored poha loaded with lots of veggies which helps to start your day healthy. Yes a quick and easy to make recipe is also a delicious breakfast/ mini tiffin. I just had 2 beans at home exactly 2 😂 was […]

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Appam recipe, Kerala style appam with yeast, Palappam

Appam/ Palappam/ Lacy soft hoppers are soft and fluffy Indian pancake prepared with fermented rice batter in appa kadai that is specially designed to make appam. Earlier I posted a appam recipe made with rice flour and got great feedback and few of them asked me to post appam batter […]

matar poha recipe, green pea poha, poha
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Matar poha recipe, Green pea poha recipe

Matar poha/ Green pea poha is a quick and easy to make breakfast that is also super delish and light on tummy. Matar poha is prepared by adding soaked poha to tempered matar mixture. Adding lemon juice gives this poha little tanginess which adds to its taste. Poha can be […]

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Tomato poha recipe, How to make tomato aval

Tomato poha / Tomato aval is again one such simple and easy recipe which can be prepared in no time. When you have tomato lovers at home, this recipe is going to be a real treat for them, but could be addictive even for non tomato lovers like me. Tomato […]

sweet poha
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Sweet poha recipe, How to make sweet poha

Sweet poha is a very easy to make and delicious recipe made during festivals. It is prepared by adding soaked poha in  jaggery mixture and cooked till dry. Adding desiccated coconut enhances the taste and flavor of this dish. I remember my mom making this recipe for Krishna Jayanti and […]

aval vada
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Aval vada, Poha vada, Instant vada recipe

Aval vada / Poha vada is an instant, easy and delicious vada with crispy exterior and soft interior. Aval/ poha and rice flour act as key ingredients in the vada making . Aval vada requires no grinding and no pre-preparation, and it can be handy for quick tea time snack […]

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Aloo poha upma, How to make aloo poha upma recipe

Aloo poha is an easy, spicy, lemony and crunchy poha recipe prepared by adding boiled potato in poha then with a twist of lemon juice as final touch. I love to prepare this recipe for breakfast as it requires no side accompany ! So lets get to the making! [sam […]

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Poha ladoo recipe, Aval ladoo, Atukula laddu

Poha ladoo/ Aval ladoo/ Atukula laddu is made out of flattened rice which is popular both in South and North India. The most delicious and easy sweet recipe that I prepared with poha is this  ladoo and this was my Friday prashadam for god.  I have been preparing a lot […]

kanda poha
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Kanda Poha, How to make kanda poha

Poha /aval also known as flattened rice is something with which i love to make breakfast. Kanda poha  is a crunchy, spicy and little tangy recipe.  It is easy to cook and can be made with lot of variations as well. This recipe requires no pre preparation and can be […]