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dosa batter
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Idli/ dosa batter recipe, Homemade dosa/ idli batter

Idli / Dosa needs no introduction as it is something that we make everyday. Idli/ dosa might sound as a very usual food item but achieving perfect fluffy, crispy or spongy dosa lies in preparing and fermenting perfect batter. Making idli dosa batter is very easy and it is a […]

quinoa Idli
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Quinoa Idli recipe, How to make Idli with Quinoa

Quinoa pronounced (kinwa) is a naturally gluten free grain that is rich in protein with all essential amino acids and has very high fiber compared to any other grain, also high in minerals like magnesium and iron. This super healthy grain can be incorporated in our diet in most simplest […]

Idli with idli rava
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Idli with idli rava recipe, How to make soft idli with idli rava

Idli made with idli rava yields soft, fluffy and spongy idlis in the most simplest and hassle free procedure making it easy for beginners as well. The batter for this idli can be made in both mixie/ grinder yielding in same result but the one ground in mixie is very […]

mysore chutney
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Mysore chutney recipe, Spicy red chutney, Chana dal chutney

Mysore chutney/ Spicy red chutney/ Chana dal chutney is a traditional spicy chutney made while preparing regular or mysore masala dosa at my home. Mysore chutney is prepared with bengal gram/ split chana dal and dried red chilli acting as main ingredient, while adding onion or coconut depends upon each […]

Cabbage chutney
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Cabbage chutney recipe, Muttaikose chutney recipe

Cabbage chutney is a spicy and yummy tasting chutney prepared by grinding sauteed cabbage, dal, red chili and tamarind. Cabbage chutney though different from the regular chutney in taste its making is very simple and easy, also it holds only handful ingredients in its making. This chutney can be used […]

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Channa masala sundal, Kondakadalai sundal recipe, How to make chickpeas sundal

Channa masala sundal is prepared by cooking soaked channa then tossing it in freshly ground masala and enhanced with coconut and tempering. Channa sundal is easy to make and works well for lot of festivals. This recipe involves grinding of masala powder which is the key method in turning this […]

bread upma
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Bread upma recipe, How to make bread upma

Bread upma is a very simple and instant upma where bread cubes are tossed in onion tomato mixture. It is a crunchy, little tangy, spicy upma and also the most handy recipe for a lazy or busy morning. So lets get to the making! [sam id=”1″ codes=”true”] [sam id=”2″ codes=”true”]  

vella seedai,sweet seedai,seedai recipes,diwali savouries,krishna jayanthi,gokulashtami savouries,festival savouries,south indian savouries
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Vella seedai, Sweet seedai recipe, How to make vella seedai, Gokulashtami recipes

Vella seedai is a fried sweet recipe prepared by shaping small portion of dough into ball and then dropping it in hot oil. The key ingredients in this recipe is rice flour and jaggery which creates crunchy munchy seedai. This seedai is prepared during south indian festivals like gokulastami and […]

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Aloo poha upma, How to make aloo poha upma recipe

Aloo poha is an easy, spicy, lemony and crunchy poha recipe prepared by adding boiled potato in poha then with a twist of lemon juice as final touch. I love to prepare this recipe for breakfast as it requires no side accompany ! So lets get to the making! [sam […]

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Coconut upma, Thengai upma recipe, How to make kobbari upma

Coconut upma is a traditional upma prepared in my family generation after generation. It is a spicy and tangy recipe prepared by grinding coconut and idly rice along with spices. It is very delicious and has an unique side dish, raw onions. This upma needs to be consumed when it […]