Potato bajji
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Potato bajji recipe, Aloo bajji, How to make urulai kizhangu bajji

Potato bajji is a delicious way to enjoy rain and cold weather. I am always reminded of bajji only when the temperature drops or when rain hits the ground. So i made these yesterday at home as evening snacks as it was a little cold than usual. For this recipe […]

kabab,kebab,paneer kebab,panner kabab,kabab recipe,kebab recipe,paneer kebab recipe,paneer kabab recipe,cottage cheese kabab,cottage cheese kebab
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Paneer kabab recipe, How to make paneer kabab

Kababs are cooked in skewers with meat and veggies usually on grill or barbecue. But for this recipe I chose very simple method making it easy for everyone to give it a try. I replaced skewers with toothpicks so that it can be consumed in a bite and I prepared […]

bread paniyaram
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Bread kuzhi paniyaram recipe, Paddu, Guntapongalu, How to make bread paniyaram

Bread kuzhi paniyaram is an easy and quick to make snack/ breakfast/ mini tiffin prepared by steaming tempered bread batter in appe pan (vessel consisting mold). It can be made in both sweet and savory versions. This bread paniyaram can be prepared with fresh bread or left over ones and […]

spinach pakora,spinach pakoda,pakora,pakoda,veg pakoda,south indian style pakoda,north indian style pakora,keerai pakoda,keerai pakora,sweets,sweet,north indian snacks,snacks,indian snacks
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Spinach pakora, pakoda recipe, How to make palak pakora(spinach fritters)

Spinach pakoras are healthy and delicious crunchy snacks served with tea or coffee for evening snacks in india. I usually make onion pakoras because my husband is a huge fan of it but yesterday I wanted to try making this recipe for no reason. These pakoras don’t need special evening […]

rice vada, arisi vada, vada, south indian vada, vada using left over rice
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Rice vada recipe, How to make rice vada

Looking for recipes to make use of left over rice ? Here is a crunchy munchy recipe to use them as evening snacks . This recipe is a quick way to turn your left over rice into delicious vada and they will disappear in minutes when served to your family. […]

sooji, bonda, sooji bonda, semolina bonda, rava bonda,mysore bonda,masala bonda,bonda,south indian bonda
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Semolina bonda, Sooji bonda recipe, How to make sooji bonda

Sooji bonda recipe was sent to me by my mom in the morning and  I tried it the same evening as snacks and it turned out great. It carried simple ingredients with easy steps that even beginner can make it. It had Crunchy outer and soft inner and curd is […]

pita chips
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Pita chips recipe, How to make pita chips

A simple and crunchy recipe which can be made within minutes as snacks. I got used to eating this chips since my school days. My mom used to prepare it for us with the leftover pita bread or sometimes we buy extra pita bread to make chips . Nowadays lot […]