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diwali legiyam recipe
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Diwali legiyam recipe, Deepavali marundhu

Diwali legiyam/ Deepavali marundhu is a must have herbal medicine prepared at home usually a day before diwali/ deepavali (that’s how it gets its name) which helps immensely in digestion. This deepavali marundhu/ legium calls for simple and kitchen basic ingredients and few other ingredients which are easily available in […]

green gram sprouts
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Green moong sprouts, How to make sprouts

Green moong sprouts/ Moong sprouts is a nutritious and healthy food that can be eaten raw or cooked and is prepared by sprouting Whole green moong/ Green gram (soaking in water and allowing it to sprout/ germinate until white tail is formed) Green moong sprouts are easily available at stores […]

homemade ghee recipe
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Ghee recipe, Homemade ghee from homemade butter

Ghee a clarified butter is an essential one in our Indian cuisine. It is used in many dishes savory and sweets for its taste, richness and flavors undoubtedly. It is very easily available in stores but the actual taste and flavors of it are not comparable with the homemade ghee. […]

butter recipe
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Homemade butter, How to make butter, Makhan recipe

Homemade butter or makhan is such a easy to make at home recipe as it involves just 2 ingredients and just 4 minutes. Homemade butter is not only easy to make but fun too and you can make ghee out of it or use it in regular cooking or baking which […]

whole wheat bread recipe, bread recipe
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100% Whole wheat bread recipe, Atta bread recipe

Whole wheat bread/ Atta bread as the name suggests is a healthy and protein rich bread. A bread that requires all those simple and everyday ingredients that is always available in the kitchen. Sounds good right? I am not going to lie by saying it is one of the tastiest […]

homemade curd, curd
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Homemade curd, How to make curd or dahi at home

Curd or Dahi or yogurt is a diary product prepared from milk obtained from a process called curdling. Okay so anyone and everyone know it and I just had to say that because it’s the introduction😂 curd is an essential part of Indian meal and we cannot boycott that for […]