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butter recipe
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Homemade butter, How to make butter, Makhan recipe

Homemade butter or makhan is such a easy to make at home recipe as it involves just 2 ingredients and just 4 minutes. Homemade butter is not only easy to make but fun too and you can make ghee out of it or use it in regular cooking or baking which […]

whole wheat bread recipe, bread recipe
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100% Whole wheat bread recipe, Atta bread recipe

Whole wheat bread/ Atta bread as the name suggests is a healthy and protein rich bread. A bread that requires all those simple and everyday ingredients that is always available in the kitchen. Sounds good right? I am not going to lie by saying it is one of the tastiest […]

homemade curd, curd
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Homemade curd, How to make curd or dahi at home

Curd or Dahi or yogurt is a diary product prepared from milk obtained from a process called curdling. Okay so anyone and everyone know it and I just had to say that because it’s the introduction😂 curd is an essential part of Indian meal and we cannot boycott that for […]