murungai keerai rasam recipe
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Murungai keerai rasam, Drumstick leaves rasam

Moringa rasam/ Drumstick leaves rasam is a delicious and healthy soup prepared with murungai keerai/ drumstick leaves, cooked toor dal and tamarind juice with little tempering. This murungai keerai rasam can be served with hot rice or can be sipped as soup as well, a much needed drink for this […]

pepper rasam
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Pepper Rasam recipe, Milagu rasam, Miriyala Charu (with video)

Pepper rasam/ Miryala charu is a very quick and easy to prepare recipe that is very essential during winters as it helps in soothing cold and throat pain. This tangy, spicy and flavorful rasam is made with pepper, garlic, cumin seeds, tamarind, tomato and few other basic ingredients to add […]

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Mango rasam, Mango charu, Mamadikaya charu, How to make mango rasam

Mango rasam/charu is a sweet and tangy recipe made with ripe mangoes. When I made this rasam/charu I was really not confident about its taste but it turned out great during lunch. It is different recipe but truly yummy one and mango lovers will like it for sure. I made […]

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Lemon rasam recipe, Nimmakaya charu, How to make lemon charu

Lemon rasam/charu is a must have recipe in my monthly cooking during summer as it is infused with tangy lemon flavor. This rasam is prepared using toor dal so i usually pressure cook little extra dal while making sambar so that i can make this delicious rasam. It is different […]