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bread upma
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Bread upma recipe, Quick bread upma

Bread upma is an extremely easy, yummy and quick to make breakfast made with basic ingredients that is always available in pantry. This crunchy and spicy bread upma is ideal for breakfast or even as quick snack as it takes very less time to prepare and will be adored by […]

rice flour idli
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Rice flour idli recipe, Instant idli recipe

Rice flour idli is an instant idli recipe which requires no soaking, grinding or fermentation of batter and can be prepared on days when you get bored of regular idli or when you want to try something new or most importantly this recipe works great for beginners who wish to […]

akki rotti
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Akki rotti recipe, Rice flour roti, Instant roti

Akki rotti is an instant, quick and easy to make breakfast hailing from the state of Karnataka. Akki rotti is prepared with rice flour and few other ingredients to add flavors and taste to the dish. I learnt this recipe from my aunt in  bangalore, who also taught me lot […]

Brinjal pickle
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Instant Brinjal pickle recipe, Pickle recipes, Instant recipes (with video)

Brinjal pickle is instant recipe prepared by pickling fried brinjal cubes. Though this pickle is instant, its flavors and taste are much appetizing than the regular pickles that we make at home. Adding lemon juice and ground mustard fenugreek powder enhances the taste of this pickle. I got to know […]

Sooji halwa
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Sooji halwa, Instant halwa recipes

Sooji halwa / Suji halwa is an instant, yummy and delicious recipe which can be prepared for any occasion. This halwa requires only handful ingredients in its making and can be prepared in just 10 minutes. Sooji halwa is one of my favorite halwa as it is quick to make […]

wheat paniyaram
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Instant wheat kara paniyaram, Wheat gunta pongalu recipe, Instant recipes

Wheat kara paniyaram/ gunta pongalu is an instant and easy recipe prepared with wheat flour and rice flour. Wheat kara paniyaram is a yummy and tasty recipe holding very few basic ingredients available in the pantry. This paniyaram is my hubby’s favorite one and i usually serve it with green […]

wheat uttapam
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Godhumai uttapam recipe, Instant wheat uttapam recipe

Godhumai uttapam/ Wheat uttapam is an instant and quick recipe prepared with wheat flour and topped with veggies and idli podi. This uttapam is such an handy recipe when your run out of idli / dosa batter or if you are looking for quick breakfast. Wheat uttapam requires no grinding […]

Microwave sweet potato chips
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Microwave sweet potato chips recipe, Instant sweet potato chips

Microwave sweet potato chips is easy, quick, tasty and healthy snacks prepared in minutes at home using only 1 tsp oil. This sweet potato chips requires only 3 ingredients and requires only 5 minutes to make including preparation time. I used to prepare these chips when I was pregnant, as […]

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Mohanthal recipe, Instant Mohanthal recipe

Mohanthal is a delicious Indian dessert popular in Gujarat, is prepared during festivals and special occasions. Mohantal is traditionally prepared with besan flour, khoya, milk and garnished with nuts, but the below recipe is a quick version prepared with besan flour and condensed milk. This recipe was given to me […]

maida halwa
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Maida halwa recipe, Instant halwa, Sweets Recipes

Maida halwa is one such quick and easy halwa recipes that I have learnt from my mom in law. Maida halwa is prepared with maida, sugar and ghee and takes only 15 minutes to make. This halwa can be served for any special occasion or festival and can be easily […]