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peerkangai eral kootu
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Peerkangai eral kootu, Ridge gourd prawn kootu

Peerkangai eral kootu/ Ridge gourd prawn kootu is a simple and quick to make coconut based gravy/ kootu prepared with Ridge gourd/ Peerkangai and chana dal that goes excellent with rice for lunch. I have earlier posted 3 kootu varieties like this Watermelon rind kootu Bottle gourd prawn kootu Carrot […]

gutti vankaya biryani recipe
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Gutti vankaya biryani, Brinjal biryani, Eggplant biryani

Gutti vankaya biryani/ Stuffed Brinjal biryani/ Eggplant biryani is a scrumptious and a very flavorful Andhra Style (masaledar) biryani prepared by layering partially cooked basmati rice over stuffed brinjal mixture and cooked to perfection in dum method. Might sound little awkward/ you might be startled as well when you hear […]

fish bhurji recipe
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Fish puttu recipe, Fish bhurji, Claypot recipes

Fish puttu/ Fish bhurji/ Scrambled fish is a simple yet delicious South Indian style side dish prepared by adding scrambled fish in spicy and flavorful garlic onion mixture. Traditionally fish puttu is prepared with king fish which is super yummy but can be prepared with Tilapia too if you can’t […]

chicken makhani biryani
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Butter chicken biryani recipe, Chicken makhani biryani

Butter chicken biryani/ Chicken makhani biryani is one such scrumptious and simplest biryani of all loaded with flavors from chicken and makhani gravy over which half cooked basmati rice is cooked to perfection on dum. The creamy, spicy and sweet flavors from makhani gravy is almost the same as the […]

fish sukka
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Fish chukka recipe, Claypot fish sukka

Fish chukka/ Fish sukka/ Air fryer fish chukka is a flavorful and scrumptious dry dish prepared by tossing fried fish in spicy onion tomato masala. Traditionally chukka / sukka is prepared with mutton since I din’t eat mutton I had already posted chukka recipe like this CHICKEN CHUKKA. I was […]

kuthiraivali tomato rice recipe
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Millet tomato rice, Kuthiraivali tomato rice in clay pot

Millet tomato rice/ Kuthiraivali tomato rice/ Millet thakkali sadam/ Millet tomato bath is a healthy, delicious and easy to make one pot meal prepared by tossing cooked millet in spicy, tangy tomato thokku / gravy. Traditionally tomato rice is prepared with raw rice/ pacharisi or Basmati rice but thought to […]

clay pot prawn biryani recipe-1
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Clay pot prawn biryani recipe, Clay pot biryani

Clay pot prawn biryani/ Clay pot biryani is a delicious and aromatic one pot dish where flavorful basmati rice is cooked to perfection in masala prawn mixture in clay pot. This biryani calls for regular and simple ingredients just like any other biryani but all the difference in the flavors […]