Mooli paratha
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Mooli paratha (without stuffing) recipe, Radish paratha

Mooli paratha is a very light, flavorful and delicious Indian flat bread prepared with grated mooli/ radish and wheat flour. Mooli paratha can be prepared as stuffed paratha or without stuffing by incorporating grated mooli/ radish while kneading dough if you are beginner or if you want to try something […]

akki rotti
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Akki rotti recipe, Rice flour roti, Instant roti

Akki rotti is an instant, quick and easy to make breakfast hailing from the state of Karnataka. Akki rotti is prepared with rice flour and few other ingredients to add flavors and taste to the dish. I learnt this recipe from my aunt in  bangalore, who also taught me lot […]

soya chunks preparation,soya chunks cooking with step by step images,soya briyani,how to cook soya chunk
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Soya chunks, How to cook soya chunks

Soya chunks are vegetable protein often used by vegetarians to replace meat in cooking and a variety of dishes can be prepared with it. Soya chunks are known in different names like soya meat, meal maker, soya protein and soya nugget. I thought of posting this as few of my […]

dippa rotti, andra style rotti, rotti,chapati,south indian food,food,how to cook andra food,how to cook dippa rotti,how to cook,cooking,onion,chili,salt
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Dibba rotti recipe, How to make dibba rotti

Dibba rotti is an authentic dish hailing from Andhra Pradesh and is often served as breakfast. It is prepared by making batter using rice and urad dal and is best known for its golden crispy outer layer and  fluffy inner. This recipe was given to me by my friend and […]

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Puttu recipe, How to make puttu, Breakfast recipes

Puttu is a delicious breakfast recipe orginating from kerala. It always reminds me of my good old school days when my father used to get this for our breakfast every Thursdays when we first moved to abudhabi. The very first bite i had this with kadala curry i fell in […]

vermicelli omelet
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Vermicelli omelet recipe, How to make vermicelli omlete

Vermicelli omelet recipe serves as an excellent breakfast and can be prepared in no time with basic ingredients. If there are vermicelli and omelet lovers out there like my husband this will be the best dish for your taste buds as it comprises of spiciness, crunchiness, creaminess of cheese and […]