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air fryer pav
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Air fryer pav recipe, How to make pav in air fryer

Air fryer pav is an extremely soft and spongy Indian dinner roll prepared with maida/ All purpose flour, milk, yeast, sugar and butter, which is kneaded into soft dough, divided into balls and baked to perfection in Air fryer. Pav buns/ Indian dinner rolls are usually baked in oven but […]

dry garlic chutney recipe
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Dry garlic chutney recipe, Vada pav chutney recipe

Dry garlic chutney / Vada pav chutney is a spicy and very flavorful powder that is used in making vada pav. This particular chutney/ powder makes the vada pav extremely delicious and makes it very flavorful as well. Anyone who likes garlic will surely fall in love with this garlic […]

masala puri
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Masala puri, Masala puri chaat, Masala poori chaat

Masala puri/ Masala poori  is a delicious chaat / Indian snack popular in southern part of India. Masala puri a combination of many items is prepared with golgappa puri as base which is topped with yellow peas spicy gravy and garnished with onion, ompodi and cilantro for added flavors and […]

golgappa puri
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Golgappa puri recipe, Puri for pani puri, Puri for golgappa

Golgappa puri/ Puri for pani puri is a golden brown puffed crispy puri that acts as main ingredient for many chaat items like masala puri, dahi puri, pani puri/ puchka etc. This golgappa puri is a small sized puri made with sooji/ semolina is very easy prepare at home as […]

bread dahi vada
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Stuffed bread dahi vada recipe, Bread dahi vada, Dahi vada recipe

Stuffed bread dahi vada is a really quick, yummy and easy to make snacks where non fried aloo stuffed bread vada is drenched in beaten silky curd. Adding green chutney, tamarind chutney along with crunchy garnish creates all that magic that a chaat snack demands. Everyone these days are always […]

tamarind chutney
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Tamarind chutney, Sonth chutney recipe

Tamarind chutney/ Sonth chutney/ Saunth chutney is a classic sweet and tangy side accompany for many snacks also used in chaat items. This chutney is made by grinding soaked tamarind into paste and then boiled along with jaggery and few spices to add to its flavors and taste. This chutney […]

green chutney
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Green Chutney recipe, How to make green chutney for chaat snacks

Green chutney is a very quick and easy to make chutney with the flavors of both mint and cilantro, added the tanginess from lime juice is used for making or serving with lot of chaat recipes, snacks and sandwiches. Green chutney demands very few ingredients in its making and just […]