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eggless saffron pistachio cookies
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Eggless saffron pistachio cookies, Saffron cookies

Eggless Saffron pistachio cookies/ Saffron pistachios cookie is a very fragrant, light and delicious cardamom and saffron flavored cookies that can be made quickly at home with handful ingredients. The addition of pistachios on the cookies gives extra crunchiness which makes it super delish. When you bake these cookies at […]

osmania biscuit
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Osmania biscuit recipe, Homemade osmania biscuits

Osmania biscuit is one such super popular and delicious short bread kind biscuits originating in Hyderabad and named after the last ruler Osman Ali khan. This melt in mouth biscuit is super famous in Irani cafes of Hyderabad and slurping a sip of tea and having a bite of homemade […]

sorghum cookies
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Sorghum cookies recipe, Jowar cookies, Millet recipes

Sorghum cookies/ Jowar cookies / Cholam cookies whatsoever name called is a easy to make healthy eggless cookie made with millet flour– a gluten free cereal grain. This ancient grain sorghum/ jowar is high in, protein and fiber, minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and iron. So adding this grain to […]

eggless coconut macaroons
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Eggless coconut macaroons recipe

These Coconut macaroons are sweet, delish and eggless cookies prepared with just 4 ingredients. Yes sounds easy right? These cookies are light, crispy on the outside and chewy in the inside can be made in no time. These coconut macaroons are made with desiccated coconut and condensed milk which are […]

heart shaped cookies recipe
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Heart shaped cookies recipe, Shortbread cookies

Heart shaped cookies as we infer from the name this recipe is valentine’s day special. This cookie recipe is again a no fancy, no hassle yet light and delicious one that is made in a shape that suits the occasion best of course this time too with little tint of […]

ghee cookies
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Eggless Ghee biscuits, Eggless Ghee cookies, 3 ingredient cookies recipe

Eggless Ghee biscuits/ Ghee cookies are delicious, aromatic, crunchy and melt in mouth cookies/ biscuits that are super easy to make because it is made with just 3 INGREDIENTS. Yes you heard it right! A very quick to make biscuit/cookie which involves only 5 minutes preparation time and 15 minutes […]

checkerboard cookies
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Eggless Checkerboard cookies recipe, Checkerboard cookies

Eggless checkerboard cookies are beautiful looking buttery and light cookies comprising of both vanilla and chocolate flavor in one cookie and alternating flavors in every bite. These checkerboard cookies are super easy to make and requires just 5 simple ingredients that you can easily pull out of your kitchen. These […]

tutti frutti cookies
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Tutti frutti cookies, Fruit cookies recipe

Fruit cookie/ Tutti frutti cookie/ Christmas cookie is a yummy, colorful and easy to bake cookies which will be adored by both adults and kids. Tutti frutti cookie is made with all purpose flour, egg, tutti frutti and few other basic ingredients used for making cookies. This is one such […]

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Peanut butter cookie recipe

Peanut butter cookie is a simple, easy and quick recipe and can be prepared without any hassle. I always love to surprise my husband with new recipes when he gets back home. As he is so addictive to peanut butter I decided to surprise him with cookies made with peanut […]