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masala dosa recipe, masala dosa, dosa
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Masala dosa recipe, How to make masala dosa

Masala dosa is one such variety of dosa that comes with a delicious potato filling that will be adored by both kids and adults. Masala dosa is a tummy filling and easy to make breakfast that is usually made with regular dosa batter so that remains same and the potato […]

poori masala recipe, puri masala
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Poori masala recipe, Potato masala for puri

Poori masala/ Potato masala is one such simple and easy to make side dish that is usually served along with poori. Potato masala can be used as side dish for poori, chapati and as stuffing for masala dosa. Potato masala does not require much of explanation as it well known […]

kesari bath, karnataka style kesari bhath
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Kesari bath recipe, Karnataka style kesari bhath

Kesari bath is a very delicious Indian sweet prepared in Karnataka style using sooji, sugar and water. This kesari bath is very similar to sheera/ kesari prepared but is different in color and texture. Yes kesari bhath is little flowy in texture and is usually prepared in yellow color. This […]

set dosa recipe, sponge dosa, dosa
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Set dosa recipe, Sponge dosa, How to make set dosa

A set of soft and spongy dosa that serves to be popular breakfast served with vada curry in many restaurants is one such delicious combo that cannot be denied. Set dosa as the name goes contains set of 2 or 3 sometimes even 4 dosa depending on the restaurant is […]

mini masala idli, masala idli
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Masala Idli recipe, Mini masala idli

Mini masala idli/ Masala idli is a spicy and yummy breakfast/ mini tiffin prepared by tossing mini idli in spicy and masala filled onion tomato mixture. This easy to make and quick recipe can be relished without any side accompany and gives you break from regular idli and chutney boredom. […]

dry fruits rava dosa, rava dosa
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Dry fruits rava dosa recipe, Rava dosa recipe

Dry fruit rava dosa is a crispy and delicious Indian crepe prepared by adding nuts, raisins and tutti frutti to regular rava dosa batter. Dry fruit rava dosa is a combination of sweet and savory which makes it different in taste from regular rava dosa/ any other dosa. Everything is […]

egg pasta recipe, egg pasta, indian style egg pasta, indian style pasta, pasta
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Egg pasta recipe, Indian style egg pasta

Egg pasta is a spicy and masala filled Indian style pasta prepared by tossing cooked pasta in spicy onion tomato mixture. Egg pasta is a super easy and quick to make recipe that is also a beginner friendly, lunch box and travel friendly recipe as it it easy to store […]

podi idli recipe, podi idli, spicy idli, idli, how to make podi idli
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Podi idli recipe, How to make podi idli, Idli varieties

Podi Idli/ Spicy idli is a super easy and quick to make breakfast that can be prepared in jiffy by tossing tempered idli cubes in spicy idli podi/ chutney powder. Podi idli can be made on any when you have no mood to make side fish or when you have […]

khara bath recipe, khara bath, masala bhath, rava bhath, south indian breakfast
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Khara bath recipe, Rava bhath, Masala bhath recipe

Khara bath/ Rava bhath/ Masala bhath is a delicious savory upma made with rava/ sooji and vegetables that serves to be one of the popular breakfast in Karnataka. This spicy and masala filled upma is prepared by cooking rava/ sooji and vegetables in ghee making the dish a very flavorful […]

muttai paniyaram recipe, chettinad muttai paniyaram, muttai paniyaram, paniyaram
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Egg paniyaram recipe, Chettinad muttai paniyaram

Egg paniyaram/ Chettinad Muttai paniyaram is a soft, fluffy and delicious savory appe/ paniyaram made with eggs and idli batter. Egg paniyaram with spicy chutney can be served as evening snacks/ mini tiffin/ breakfast sounds great right? Egg paniyaram though the dish name might sound a little fancy it is […]