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iyengar bakery style masala bread, masala toast, bangalore bakery sandwich
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Iyengar bakery style masala bread, Masala toast recipe

Iyengar bakery masala bread/ Masala toast/ Bangalore bakery masala toast serves to be one of the delicious and outstanding sandwiches sold in the bakeries of Bangalore. Yes this scrumptious open sandwich loaded with onion and carrot acting as key ingredients for the sandwich stuffing is one such easy and quick […]

egg kurma recipe, muttai kurma, kurma, egg korma
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Egg kurma recipe, Muttai kurma, Egg korma recipe

Egg kurma/ Muttai kurma is a delicious and very flavorful thick gravy prepared by cooking eggs in spicy coconut mixture. Egg kurma is a versatile gravy that is quick to make goes well with many main dishes and can be served for breakfast, lunch and also for dinner which is […]

matar poha recipe, green pea poha, poha
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Matar poha recipe, Green pea poha recipe

Matar poha/ Green pea poha is a quick and easy to make breakfast that is also super delish and light on tummy. Matar poha is prepared by adding soaked poha to tempered matar mixture. Adding lemon juice gives this poha little tanginess which adds to its taste. Poha can be […]

ridge gourd curry
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Ridge gourd curry, Beerakaya curry, Turai Ki Sabji

Ridge gourd curry/ Beerakaya curry/ Turai Ki Sabji is spicy, flavorful, healthy and delicious subji/curry that can be served along with chapati or hot rice. Ridge gourd subji/ curry is one such very easy and quick to make hassle free recipe that i love to prepare any day as it […]

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Vegetable masala sevai, Masala idiyappam, Veggie sevai

Vegetable masala sevai/ Vegatable masala idiyappam is a colorful, flavorful and quick to make recipe loaded with veggies and taste. Masala sevai is one such instant recipe that can be easily prepared at home by tossing cooked ready made/ packet sevai to sauteed masala veggies and serve it, because this […]

instant rava idli
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Rava idli recipe, Sooji idli, Instant idli recipe

Rava idli/ Sooji idli is one such instant and very handy recipe that can be made anytime specially when you run out of batter or not in mood to make idli batter and a sudden craving for idli could be solved by making these simply yummy idlies. Yes sooji idli/ […]

aloo kurma
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Potato kurma recipe, Aloo Kurma, Easy potato korma

Potato kurma/ Aloo kurma is a very flavorful and aromatic thick gravy prepared by cooking potato in spicy coconut mixture. This potato kurma is prepared in a very easy method using pressure cooker in OPOS method. Yes one pot one shot making it so much win. Potato kurma can be […]

vegetable quinoa pulao
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Quinoa pulao, Vegetable quinoa pulao, Quinoa recipes

Quinoa pulao is a very healthy and wholesome one pot recipe that is loaded with veggies and taste. Yes this recipe will initiate interest for all those quinoa non- eaters as well as this super delicious and equivalent to regular pulao of course with an extra nutty and crunchy texture […]